Sunday, 5 June 2016

Week 19

Footscray: May 16-22, 2016

May 16, 2016 - A day spent with Bro. Derrick, the car, the Zone missionaries and Uncle Bob. We had breakfast of pancakes and fruits at Bro. Derrick's place together with the Elders - Elders Rands, Howell, Vo and Marshall.  Bro. Derrick showed us his creations - arts and logos- and I could say that he was really good in designing.  

Then we went to wash the car for the first time..hehe..Last week, Elder Gourlie surprised us with car inspection.  He told us the car was good but we could do better if we wash it.  He reminded us "Always take care and keep the car clean because it's not your car nor mine but the Boss car." 

Then we went for Zone P-Day at Footscray Park which we organized - played soccer, rugby, sword and snowball fights, flew paper airplanes, frisbee and more.  We had pizzas and drinks and had fun. Everyone then went back to respective apartments at around 5 pm.  

We then drove to Uncle Bob's place where we had our Cottage Evening.  Bro. Eugene gave the lesson about the 5Rs - repentance, recognize, refrain, report, rrr........ (trying the remember the 5th one)..hehe..

Zone group photo at Footscray Park

May 17, Tuesday - Had our District Meeting in the city.  We conducted training about gaining trust of the members.  We taught SISTERS which means - Smile and Shake (hands), 3Ne 19:25, 30; Introduce and Inquire, Set and Schedule, Teach and Testify, Exhort and Employ, Heb 3:13, 1Ne 8:37, (I like to use Employ because the word made them feel accountable or be part of our Father's business); Referral and Report, Succor and Strengthen, D&C 81:5. We shared that we did these with the Truss Family and had results.

We then visited a few referrals and members.  The referrals were not in their homes so we went to Tumai's place which was in the area. Sis. Miria Tumai opened the door and we talked and set appointment for Family Home Evening on Monday, May 23 at 3 pm.

May 18, Wednesday - Biked together for the first time.  We didn't realized that we had flat tires till after..haha..  

Then we worked in the Williamstown area.  When we knocked on Marco's door (a referral), a girl named Laura (25 yrs old) greeted us.  She asked us very good questions and liked to learn more.  She said she was very spiritual and that she and her partner had been searching for a church. They had met missionaries before and told us that we could visit her anytime while she was still looking for a job.  We asked her if she knew Marco and said that was her Dad. She said we could meet her family but usually the parents were busy.  The Lord does put prepared people in our path as long as we act well our part. 

We also met Lauren and her friend, Robert, after tracting in Williamstown for an hour. Lauren invited us in and we shared to her about the Plan of Salvation.  Her husband died 15 years ago from cancer.  She was strong in her Pentecostal faith but still would like us to visit her. She referred a Filipino family, her neighbor, who lived just around the corner. Her friend, Robert, used to go to church for 20 years ago but was never baptised and believed that religion only wanted power.  Then we went to some members in the ward list, which turned out that they already moved out 10 years ago.  It is church policy that their names remain in the list unless the members concerned would ask for transfer of their records.

We had lunch overlooking the Willimstown Sea.  This bird wanted to steal our food.

May 19, Thursday - Visited Port Melbourne and Diane, the Turkish lady with really nice kids. We helped Selfi in her homework while Diane prepared Turkish soup for us.  We then drove to Sister Rasmusen's house for Tacos and shared the lesson about the foundations of the church. Her kids, Maddie and Gabe, liked and enjoyed the lesson where we used cups during presentation.

May 20, Friday- We tracted some houses in Footscray, then had lunch at Wilma Delos Santos house (beside Mommy Nessa, like a compound of houses).  She made adobo and puto (on the spot - fresh and yummy).  Mommy Nessa, Daddy Eugene and Ayesha joined us.  The food was really yummy.  

We then drove to Altona north and tracted and met some interesting people.  We met this one mom who said she was happy and contented.  She had some beliefs, did not believe that we would be judged by our own works, that God is loving, that homosexuality is normal (if ever her sons would be gay, she would not want them to feel it is a sin) and that the church needs to update to catch up with the tides.  We shared about the living prophets that continually guide us but she was not open to that message.  I looked at her as a good and loving mom but not ready for the gospel message; it was okay since we have planted a seed.


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