Saturday, 25 February 2017

Week 58

Dandenong: Feb 13-19, 2017

We were stunned with our investigators..coming to church, Word of Wisdom solved, baptism on Saturday, Feb 25. Many miracles this week. 

Feb 13, Monday - Yeay, we had fun washing the car..then it rained..haha..
Bought this big pineapple for cheap price. I found food was cheaper in Dandenong than Tasmania.

We did service today by helping the Samau Oeti family moved and they provided us dinner as well.  The family had 2 boys and 2 girls under 11..soo cute and energetic.

We also visited Estelle, Linda's friend from Footscray. (We taught Linda and she was baptized.) It was Estelle who introduced Linda to the missionaries and was also a BOM-giver record holder.  We shared something about the BOM with Estelle and she invited us to write our testimonies in the BOM so that she could give it away.  She gave a talk last Sunday about BOM missionary work.  She couldn't walk and used/drove a wheelchair car..hehe..she's awesome!

Feb 14, Tuesday - Zone Conference, East Side
We were taught by Brother Steve Allen, the Managing Director of the Missionary Department of the Church, on how we could best use this Book of Mormon campaign to bring souls to Christ.  We also saw some video clips about the Priesthood by the Managing Director of the Visitor's Center of the Priesthood Restoration Site.

After the conference, we drove the Lynbrook Sisters back to their area.  then we visited the part-member family Seppings.  Brother Seppings was nice but didn't want to change yet. His wife used to be the Relief Society president and very active in Church.  The children were active too and helping their Dad to accept the teachings.  We shared with the family about Temples.  Brother Seppings was willing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon again.

Feb 15, Wed - Today, we had District Meeting and did a lot of role plays.  Then, we had exchanges with the Lynbrook Sisters who were just 20 minutes away from us. Sister Tamani came with me to Dandenong while my other companions worked in Lynbrook with Sister Caguimbal. 
We visited a few new contacts and did some tracting as well.  This was Sister Tamani's 2nd week in the mission field. She was willing to learn and so while driving, we did some role plays on how to approach people on their doors.  We had a miracle when we visited Milika, the new contact we found last week.  The son opened the door and told us that Milika left 10 minutes earlier.  We then met her daughter, Nora, who said she is Muslim, and we gave her a card and invited her to visit the website.  She then said, "Oh wait, you are Mormons.  I know about the play in the city.  I know that it is a mockery to your beliefs.  I was gonna look for people like you so I can ask for a copy of the Book of Mormon and read it, I love reading." So we gave her a copy and a brief introduction.  She was surprised that the Book of Mormon (BOM) is free.  She was leaving for work so we would share more when we come back.

Feb 16, Thurs - This morning, we did some 12 weeks study and role plays.  We had lunch at the Lynbrook flat, cooked corned beef and fried chicken..YUM. Then  we switched back to our companionships.

We then went to the Library and did our weekly planning while waiting for our investigators.

We visited the Ariki family from New Zealand. We read 1Nephi 3:5-7 with Sister Ariki's 5-yr old granddaughter and learned more about Nephi's obedience. The girl's Dad was not active but Cilicia knew a lot of stories in the Book of Mormon because Sister Ariki read with her everyday. Bright kid. The family served us barbecue for dinner.  

We had missionary correlation with Brother Tukukino.  The ward was on fire..haha.  Bro. Tukukino was on top of things.  He had a list of potential fellowshippers with previous religions, word-of-wisdom concerns, etc. so they could relate to our investigators.  He had a list of families who were willing to do Family Home Evening with our investigators, more than once a week.  Really big ward.  We shared the ward with ZL, used to be the APS ward, too..STL, ZL and AP, but now just two companionships.

Feb 17, Friday - Today, we had zone trip to see the big Book of Mormon in the city. We parked the car in front of City Branch and then took the train to meet the Zone in southern cross. 

The Mormon ads were replaced..think they gonna renew after 2 weeks because other corporations bought the space ads as well..oppositions!! ..But we still had the big BOM!

With the Narre Warren Sisters: Me, Sisters Percival Tafili, Manosig, Koroi, Tuu'u and Ligica

On our way back to the car, we got stuck at the train station for a while because the myki card of my companion did not work, so we recharged it, then tried again, still not working. We asked the officer who let us in, tried again on the other side and worked and she said "Well, I don't know what's wrong."  We ran to the parking lot and the police officer just passed by our car with a printed ticket, $78.  We told him what happened but he said that he printed the ticket already and told us to go online.  My first parking ticket!!!  GGGRrrr..Elder Hyde from the office said that he would help us make an appeal.  I'm not worried for the money but I don't want a record..huhuhu..that's fine though..hehehe..lesson learned.  The parking allowed only for 2 hours maximum so we couldn't put more time.

Because we were in the city, we had exchanges with North Melbourne Chinese Sisters.  I stayed in the city with Sister Fong, 6 days old in the mission, Chinese background but born in Utah.  My other companions, Sisters Manosig and Koroi, were with Sister Patchell. We had a lesson with Kim in the city branch, a student, baptized just last July and planning to serve a mission.  Good thing he had pretty good English and so we taught about prodigal son and repentance in English.  I also learned that they also had bread run every Friday but we were late to get to the shop; bread thrown already when we got there. We also had game nights in the city where they play games with investigators. Sister Fong was good with the trams and area in just 6 days even though she thought otherwise.  They were staying in the same flat that I stayed when I had exchanges with my STL last long ago..hahaha..
           Me, Sisters Koroi, Pratt, Manosig, Chen, Fong, and Patchell doing peace signs

Feb 18, Sat - We had English class in the morning.  Conan, an investigator, came and we taught him a lesson in Chinese afterwards,.  I learned few Chinese words - faith xinxin, repentance huigai.  It's amazing how during the lesson I know quite well what's going on and I was able to add my testimony as well.  Conan had good English, studying Masters in Linguistics and wanted to teach Chinese here in Australia.  He was willing to read and study the Book of Mormon and he had read Alma 32.  He said that he would be baptized when he knows it's true.  He prayed for the first time after the lesson.  Praying was one thing he was invited to do and now he prayed after three meetings. Miracle.  Then we did GQ in the city, really different to GQ Chinese people here in the city than in Sandy Bay, Tasmania.  I was excited to see sister Pratt coz we relate on the difference of GQ in both areas.

We then met Des, the Filipino met by my companions when I was on exchanges with Sister Paulo.  We shared the Plan of Salvation with her and she fed us dinner.  We also helped her packed things because she was moving.  She referred us to her Filipino friends and told us where they cool.

Feb 19, Sunday - Sister Manosig's birthday.  We had ward council in the morning and we were asked to bear our testimony during Sacrament meeting.  When the conducting priesthood introduced us as new missionaries, Sister Daroy and Sister Koroi,  I said that it's easy to remember "full of joy" and they laughed..hehe..We were asked to teach Sunday School youth, 12-13, and we shared about how the BOM answers questions of the soul.  We then taught the young women class about BOM and how to introduce it in different ways.

We met Ehsan briefly after church and shared the Word of Wisdom.  Ehsan was a miracle. From Islam, he gave up smoking and alcohol when Touraj, the recent convert, told him about the church.  When we told him that we also don't drink tea and coffee, he expressed his concerns that he drank tea every morning.  Then before we could speak, he said, "I can drink milk in the morning, is milk okay?" We were stunned..haha..concern solved.  He was excited for his baptism on Saturday, Feb 25.

We also met Ahmed later today when visiting formers. Ahmed is Muslim, too, but he talked to us.  He said he would read the Book of Mormon and we set a return appointment at 4:30 next Sunday.  When we invited him to church, he said, "Scratch the 4:30, I will come to church and we will discuss more about the Book of Mormon, is that okay?"  We were stunned as well.  He gave us his number to remind him.  He added that he had a lot of Christian discussions previously and wanted to learn more.  I thought that Muslims were difficult to teach but turned out that in this area, they were prepared.  The other Sisters during exchanges told us that they loved our area because people stop and talk to missionaries, unlike in the city.  This week had been really amazing.

We had dinner with with Samau Oeti family in their new house and we shared about the Book of Mormon.  The Tasmania Sisters called me about the miracles in Tasmania - Alice and Mason, the Terrys.  Mason read the BOM diligently and wanted to be baptized on Easter Day.  What a miracle!!..a family yeay..even though I would not be able to see them sealed, it's just awesome!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Week 57

Tasmania and Dandenong/Melbourne: Feb 6 - 12, 2017

Goodbye for now Tasmania...Going to Dandenong, a suburb of Melbourne. A very multicultural area and a huge Ward..lots of work to do - referrals to visit, meetings, training, and driving Sisters on transfer day.

Feb 6, Monday - My last P-day in Tasmania.   I'm gonna miss Sister Burden.  Sister Maddie would be her companion till Wednesday when the new Sisters fly in.

My desk is clean, always has been, always will be..gonna miss Tassie flat..prolly last airplane ride till..sad and happy
Arrived at Melbourne with other missionaries - Sister Pratt and the Elders.  Elder and Sister Hyde picked us up and brought us to the Mission Home. I played ping pong with Sister Vidmar while waiting for my new companion.

 Night view of the temple.

Feb 7, Tuesday - Transfers Day.

Photo with the 'Dying Sisters", Sisters Johnson and Paulo, who just finished their temple session.

Pinay Power: Sisters Caguimbal, Paulo, Me and Manosig
Because of Transfers, we are driving the Mooroolbark Sisters (a new area for Sisters) and their stuff.  

Last exchange with this awesome Sister.  Gonna miss her. 

We visited Anna, LA, referral from RS president, and taught her about Restoration and baptism covenants.  It's wonderful to get to teach with Sister Paulo again.  It's amazing how much companionship unity we had that we just know how each one of us teach..really great spirit.  Sisters Manosig and Caguimbal also found a new investigator who just approached them and invited them to her house and even fed them dinner. Cool. Des from Philippines.

Feb 9, Thursday - Trainers meeting in the Mission Home then lunch at the Office with the Goldens.  President told us last minute that we will be training a Golden.  Turned out that Sister Koroi was bestfirend of Sister Ligica so President would not pair them he gave Sister Koroi to us.

After dropping the Sisters, we drove back to Office, unhook the trailer and drove the van to Dandenong Chapel.  We had correlation meeting with Bro. Tukukino (WML), Zone leaders, 2 missionary comps.  The Ward was awesome, lots of work to do and referrals to follow-up.

Last transfer. Missionaries bore their testimonies.

Feb 10, Friday - MLC.  We swapped cars with the Assistants. Sister Koroi would be with the Wantirna Sisters while we are having MLC.

After MLC, we had dinner with the George family.  I was excited to know the Ward.  The area and the Ward was very multi-cultural.

Feb 11, Sat - Morning exercise in Endeavor Hills.

Attended baptism of Shalom, investigator of Sister Manosig in Footscray, her previous area. 

Also saw Stephen.  I learned that he got his patriarchal blessing and Aaronic priesthood; now, almost 1 year..preparing to enter the Temple.

Met Ehsan, one of the investigators in the library, preparing for his baptism on Feb 25. He was Muslim, roommate of recent convert Touraj.  So awesome, he is excited to be baptized.  We then visited Bishop and he gave us ice cream.  We role-played introducing the Book of Mormon with his family.

Feb 12, Sunday - The Ward is massive as compared to my last area.  I met Bishop Roger's mom and brother again.  We had dinner with the Burtons and they cooked a delicious meal.  Back to Polynesian food..fat keeps finding me..hahaha..I was excited. Too many things to worry about, mainly taxi service.  We have upcoming Zone Conference this Tuesday and might have to borrow the bigger van from the APs to pick up the Sisters who didn't drive.  We also helped them use the public transportation during our exchanges.  Sometimes we forgot to do golden study with Sister Koroi but we try our exciting.  She's really good and teaching us Fijian words. 

I had been blessed so much in my mission.  I had been to 4 areas now, each with 3 transfers.  I also served with the West Sisters and TAS Sisters and now, the East - Excellent Awesome Sisters Team (haha..received that revelation while showering) many things to share.  But one thing important for YOU (whoever you are reading my blog) - GO to the Temple frequently. DO CPR (church, pray, read). SHARE the Gospel.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Week 56

Launceston, Tasmania: Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2017

When Khjurman said, "Only one Jesus..I feel good with them teaching me." Finally, our lights in the house fixed after 3 weeks. Josh, a recent referral from the office, accepted our invitation to witness David's baptism on Saturday, Feb 4..Berry picking with Sister Clark.

Jan 30, Monday - Mole Creek

Jan 31, Tues - District Meeting: Worldwide Missionary Council Broadcast, teaching Repentance and baptizing converts, NEW missionary schedule and NEW key indicators of conversion.
 Deloraine Distict: Elders Nilsson, Parone, Morones, Payne; Sisters Burden and Me

We visited Rita, Nepali, whom we met last week with Khjurman.  We shared the Resotration with her using the Great Apostasy diagram.  She had basic English and so we taught her simply.  She received the lesson well so we invited her to be baptized but she said she's gonna think about it.

Then we drove to Khjuman, Rita's uncle and shared about Prophets.  Khjurman had basic English too.  Sandhaya, the girl we taught last few weeks ago opened the door and said she met us before..turned out the were related..haha..if you could teach, bring, convert one Nepali, you could bring the community.  We just needed someone to speak their language. We were thinking to really push through with the weekly English classes.  There was yet no translation of the Book of Mormon to Nepali. Khjurman said that he can read a bit of Hindi so we gave him Hindi BOM. Wife could not speak English so Sandhaya,the kid, translated for her. Sandhaya told them how her Dad got sick because of the Book of Mormon.  But Khjurman said, "naah, only one Jesus, I feel good with them teaching me." Yes, the Spirit was there and Khjurman felt it.

Feb 1, Wed - Today the electrician finally came to fix our lights.  We had been living in the dark for 3 weeks now.

Feb 2, Thurs - We visited a referral from the office named Josh.  As soon as we entered the gate, Josh came running outside and greeted us, saying "come in, come in."  We taught him outside since there was no female in the house.  We shared the restoration and he was like "you answered my questions."  We invited him to be baptized; we did not even finish the question and he said "yes". He would come to the baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday.  He worked on night shifts and not on weekends.

We had lunch with Babi and Saha, awesome family.  We did not have a mutual understanding of the priesthood authority but we were good friends with them.  They cooked us Nepali food which was really good, kind of Indian food and Filipino food combined.  We gave them a Book of Mormon and Saha said that he would read it.

Feb 3, Friday - Helped Sister Clark with blueberry picking.

Feb 4, Sat - David Kok's baptism

Feb 5, Sunday - Alice and Mason with baby Mali came to church today.  Also David was confirmed today and got his priesthood as well. He planned to go on a mission.

 In the Bishop's office - drawing about how the Plan of Salvation is a plan of love..then Chelsea, the Bishop's daughter, drew me.

I would surely miss Tasmania.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Week 55

Launceston, Tasmania: Jan 23-29, 2017

A visit to Tasmania Zoo, Zone conference -Australia Day theme with Pres. Nielsen, missionary moments with Nepali families, Sunday miracle, my first to sing "I know that my Redeemer lives" in Tagalog..Amos and Merilyn asked, "Why is there a lot of churches nowadays?"

Jan 23, Monday - My comp and I visited Tasmania Zoo with Bro. Richard and Sis. Rose Dingo

Then followed a dinner with the Barnetts and Sister Taylor.  We had a great discussion on how to share the gospel in this time of much technology.

We then visited Amos and Merilyn, also from Sierra Leone and they know the Tarawhally.. Their two young daughters joined us in our discussions.  They asked, "Why is there a lot of churches?"  We were excited, we shared the lesson about the restoration using the cups. One of the daughters, 14 y.o.. undrstood well and explained to her mon and dad.  They promised to read the BOM and meet with us again.  They go to the same church of Willard and Ruvinbo, the Door of Hope.  They tend to gather in that church because of culture, just like the Nepali people go to Gateway Church be cause they have Nepali speaking ministers.

Jan 24, Tues - Today the Glen Huon Sisters came for exchanges.  I went with Sister Murphy. She was an awesome missionary with the desire to serve and had heaps of miracles in her area.  We visited Sheldon (LA) and his wife, Isabelle, non-LDS. She didn't join in the lesson and closed the kitchen door but when we started sharing the lesson with Sheldon, she opened the door and we felt like she was listening.  Sheldon had a strong testimony of the BOM and desired that his family would be together forever.

We went to Collin's house but he was still at the hospital and met Keely instead.  She was a family friend and took care of the house while the family was away.  (Later in the week, we called Collin and learned that his wife passed away.  Keely didn't grow up religious but somehow knew about God.  She accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and gave us her number.  We then visited Katie from Glen Huon who came here during the week to fix and sell her old house. She cooked us lunch. She was referred to the missionaries by Craig whom she was marrying.  She offered prayer and said, "God I want to follow you, can you please give me time?"..cute prayer.  After Katie, we also did tracting, Sister Murphy's first tracting because she always did GQ.  We tracted Nepali families and saw Jamuna and Satuman helping a relative who just moved in from Nepal. 

Jan 25, Wed - Zone conference - Australia Day theme with Pres. and Sister Nielsen of the Area Presidency and learned more how to teach repentance.

What a great support Team from the ward! Thank you everyone for helping prepare lunch.

Then we went to the Read's for dinner, parked our car at 5 Ridge and tracted while walking toward 37 Ridge, the house of the Read family.  When we came back to the car, we saw this, from a non-LDS with a book and notes about his/her beliefs.

Jan 26, Thurs - Australia Day!! Sandy Bay Sisters left this morning back to their area. We still don't have lights.  We called the agents again and they said it's on the works..haha..been 3 weeks now. We got a lamp from a sister who was not interested in missionary visits but gave us a lamp when she offered to help us.

We drove to Bridport passing Lilydale Road and visited people on the way.  We met Sister Venn who had not been visited by missionaries in years.  Her place was quite far.  She sold blueberries and gave us some of her A grade.

Ward activity in Bridport - popped by for 15 minutes.

Then a late lunch of fish n chips..
Eating and driving back to Launceston by the way to Pipers River..also visited families in Hillwood that Bishop asked us to visit; met 2 out of 3 families who lived in the area.

Jan 27, Friday- We tracted a Nepali family who invited us in. They knew Babi and Saha.  By the way, last exchanges, Sisters Burden and Ihaka visited Padam and Namay but Padam said that he would stop learning because Saha knew everything about the Bible and he would follow Saha.  Now we met another of Saha's relatives.  Khjuman accepted the BOM and said that he would read it and visit the church.

Shared the Plan of Salvation with Brielle and Scotts.  We asked Brielles about her fears of attending Primary and she said the she didn't know the songs so we sang some songs with her using Scotts piano.

Jan 28, Sat - Bread run and chapel cleaning.

We met Agnes and family from Sudan. She knew Teresa and some of the African family we met.  We invited her for baptism but she said she needed time to read and learn the Book of Mormon.

Jan 29, Sunday - Miracle.   Inge, Bev and Allison came to church today and the first time that they came together.  Iris also came in and desired to come back.  David would be baptized this Saturday, Feb 4.  Today, we had Missionary Devotional at 5pm.  Bishop, Bro. Peri, Sandy Kauwhata and me sang a musical "I know that my Redeemer lives" in different languages.  I sang in Tagalog, Bishop in Greek, and Kauwhata in Maori...haha..they said I did great..LOL (how would they know?)..Buhay and Aking Manunubos..I got the music sheet 30 mins. before the devotional started.

Photo: Me, Justine and Charlotte