Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Week 74

June 7 - 13, 2017 

A visit to the Apostles.  This was my last week in the mission, my 76th week - 74 weeks in Australia plus 2 weeks at MTC Provo Utah.  Packing, pillow talk with Sister Lambert, temple session, Reliance Workshop, exit interview, dinner, testimony meeting, and flying to Auckkland, New Zealand and Los Angeles, USA airports.

      The Apostles

We visited the Apostles on June 7, Wednesday, our PDay; also did our emails in the Library and visited the Delos Santos Family of Footscray Ward, had a few parting words as this was my last week in the mission.

I realized how 76 weeks flew so fast - 74 weeks in Australia plus 2 weeks at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.  On this last week, I did my work as usual. I did not have the chance to visit those families and individuals whom I taught in my previous areas. My companion and I continued with our appointments and teachings.

On June 12, Monday night, Sisters Manosig, Sister Caguimbal and Sister Fraedrich were with us in the flat. The three of us - Sisters Manosig, Caguimbal and me - would be going home on Wednesday. While I was packing my things, I also dictated to Sister Caguimbal the transfer plan for June 14, Wednesday. After my I finished packing, I woke up Sister Lambert as she requested, and we talked for about 2 hours. Then we went to sleep. (Don't make a guess how long. The sleep was not long.) This was my last night at the flat, my last night with Sister Lambert. 

The next day, we left our baggage at the mission office and went to the temple for a session. After the temple session, all those going home gathered at the mission office for the Reliance Workshop, exit interview with President Vidmar, dinner and testimony meeting. We slept in the mission home for the night.

June 14, 2017 

Airport Photo

At 6 am, we left for the airport with President and Sister Vidmar. Four had to take the early flight - Elders Olan and Valenciano, Sisters Manosig and Caguimbal- who were bound for Philippines. Other missionaries leaving were: Sister Guan for China, Elder Mahendran for Germany, Elder Veas for Chile, and the six of us - Elders Wheeler, Weiser, Thompson, Albrechtsen, Sister Burden and me -  for NZ and US. Six of us were together in the same plane for Auckland, New Zealand, which left Australia at 12:10 noon and arriving NZ at 5:45pm after flying for 3 hrs and 35 mins (new time zone).

At NZ airport, Sister Burden and I spoke to an old woman who shared that she was familiar of the church. Two other people nearby also said that they had colleagues who served a mission. We were also joined by two missionaries from NZ who would be going home and taking the flight to San Francisco. The Elders, Sister Burden and the two NZ missionaries would be in the same flight to San Francisco.

I was at NZ airport for a total of 4 hours before I boarded my plane for Los Angeles while the others boarded earlier for San Francisco. I arrived in LA terminal 2 on June 14 at 3:00 pm after about 12 hours of flying (new time zone). We were instructed to claim our baggage and so I brought them to terminal 6 where I would board Air Canada for Toronto. Upon checking in, I was informed that my flight would be delayed for 4 hours, thus a total of 11 hours waiting before boarding. 

It was a bit strange walking without a companion. I went to a store to exchange my bill for coins so I could use a public payphone. While I was looking for a public phone, a mother with child tried to get my attention and said "a sister missionary!"  Then I tried to call my parents using the public phone to inform them of the 4 hrs delay but there was no answer. ( I was told later that my mother did not get to the phone on time and tried to call the number.) I bought an apple for $1.39 but later I felt I needed to eat more.  I found Chinese food, unfortunately far from my gate, fall in a long line, got my food and walked back again to my gate, sat and took a short nap, then finally ate what I bought. Not far from me were Muslims who were praying. 

The quiet and peaceful moment came. I took a brown napkin and wrote my journal for the day, then a nap before I finally boarded Air Canada Flight AC 788 on June 15/ 2am LA time bound for Toronto Pearson Airport.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Week 73

Dandenong: May 31- June 6, 2017

Visted Brighton Beach on our PDay; Simon revealed that he was praying for somebody to talk to  about the Bible and then we met first time at the stop lights; Happy Birthday to Sisters Ligica and Guan; bearing our testimonies during MLC, my last MLC, too, coz I'm going home next week...what a wonderful mission!

May 31, Wed - PDay was changed from a Monday to Wednesdays.; did our Pday at Brighton Beach.

Dinner with Wantirna Sisters with their golden Sister Siihisap from Thailand and the Chinese Waverly Sisters.

June 1, Thurs - Tracted this morning, ate our packed lunch, then to the Library.

In the kids section of the Library, we met Simon. He was progressing - took notes and used the new terms he learned, such as apostasy where he wanted to learn more so that he would not "apostasy" when he would join. Hahaha.. he was funny too!

We then visited Vicky; she invited us in but she was sick. We just followed up about her CPR (church - pray - read scriptures) and then set another appointment. Then we attended correlation meeting and drove to Mission Home.

June 2, Fri - Exercise run to the Temple, me and Sister Aalto.

Preparing for MLC at the Mission Home and lunch photos.

Sister Manosig was invited to join MLC to bear her testimony since she was a previous leader and would be going home this transfer. I bore mine, in which I felt weird because I heard my previous companions bore their testimonies and now it's my time flew so fast!

Pres Vidmar for Sister Ligica and Sister Guan birthdays.

More photos in the mission home..

 Getting stuff for the Sisters...

We received a text from Rudy and George who had not been to church for a while but got a prompting to meet us. George was Rudy's referral. Rudy also referred other few to the missionaries. 

June 3, Sat - Exchanges with Moorabbin Sisters.

Sister Cruz and I tracted Renee Ave. and met Unaiza who was fasting for Ramadan. When we showed her a copy of the BOM, she was excited to read it, and set appointment to visit her again after the Ramadan. We also followed up a few contacts today.

June 5, Mon - District Meeting was moved to Mondays. 

After DM, we looked for Nimal's place. Nimal was GQed by the other Sisters but turned out that he did not give a unit number so we tracted all the houses. Two out of 5 doors opened but there was no Nimal.

We called Holly if she could come with us today. It's been a while since we last work with her. We met Chelvam in the Library and shared with him about prayer. We also met Mohsen in our contact list but he said he used to be Islam and no religion now. We also met the Taleva family whose father, Anthony, was keen on learning. The Elders would be teaching them.

June 6, Tues - Exchanges with Sister Koroi. We used public transportation today and we met Marlene and then Sean.

We met Simon again at the library, and since he read the Plan of Salvation ahead, we only answered his questions. He was considering to have us meet his family since his wife was interested in the books too. Just learned that Simon met missionaries 2 years ago but wasn't ready yet. He told us that he was praying to God for someone he could talk to about the Bible, then he met us at the stop lights. That moment when we spoke to him at the stop lights really touched him. 

Got the car back around 5 pm while the other companionship went with Sister Fear and we went to Sis O'Callaghan and shared about 3Ne 11 to her. Then President called about an emergency transfer so tomorrow we would be in a trio.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Week 72

Dandenong: May 22-30, 2017

Through prayer and work, we found more investigators, a 3-generation family, instead of 2 as planned;  Simon read the Book of Mormon and found it good!

May 22, Monday - We joined the Gippsland Zone Pday; took the Sisters of Devon Meadows, Lynbrook and Finley in this white experience to drive this massive vehicle..whew..

    Note: More photos of PDay down below.

Had some coconut juice, my comp's first try..yum!

May 23, Tues - my last ride with this giant vehicle.

District Meeting activity, the other one described the picture while the other one drew it. I think I did pretty well.

May 23 to 28: Tuesday to Sunday
We met Sister Leilani with an 8-month old baby and non-LDS partner. She said she wanted to learn more and would stop smoking. Miracle. The couple said that they wanted to become better parents for their baby by having Christ in the center of their lives and asked us to visit them weekly. Last two appointments, Leilani wasn't home but this time, she was ready. 

We also followed up a bunch of former investigators within 2 km radius and walked the whole day. We planned to have 2 new investigators but it was almost 6pm and found no one yet. Then we decided to try one more new contact who did not speak much English. We found him with his daughter and family and shared with them the Plan of Salvation. Amit the husband said that they only believe in karma and reincarnation, he wanted to learn more so we set another appointment with them. Instead of two, we found a 3-generation family - the grandparents and a family with 2 young children! It is really powerful to pray specifically, God gave us more than we asked for.

We also met Simon (from Sudan) in the library whom we had spoken at the stoplights crossing the street. We shared about Restoration and he took notes. He said that when he is ready, he would let us meet his family. The next day, he called us to tell us that he read the BOM, that it was good and he was excited to meet with us again.

I remembered calling Sam, a contact I found in our phone. When we called, he gave us his address which I recorded in my planner. When we were in the area, I remembered #2 Aubin Crt and so we knocked on this address. Next minute, two dogs came running. I thought the owner let them free to scare us (later we saw a sign that the owner is Orthodox and other religions are not welcome). We asked him if a "Sam" lived there, he said 'no', and we said our apologies and left. When I checked my planner, it said #5 and not #2..ooppss. However, I do believe that there is a purpose for everything and scaring my companion is not one of them.
President Vidmar ran out of choco milk so he made me some Nesquik and fresh milk..haha

        With the Deavon Meadows in the Mission Home: Sisters Leilua, Faletao and Solo

        Exchanges with Sister Faletao

                      Exchanges with Mooroolbark Sisters

May 28, Sun - Soup Sunday

                                                            Floral match