Sunday, 12 February 2017

Week 56

Launceston, Tasmania: Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2017

When Khjurman said, "Only one Jesus..I feel good with them teaching me." Finally, our lights in the house fixed after 3 weeks. Josh, a recent referral from the office, accepted our invitation to witness David's baptism on Saturday, Feb 4..Berry picking with Sister Clark.

Jan 30, Monday - Mole Creek

Jan 31, Tues - District Meeting: Worldwide Missionary Council Broadcast, teaching Repentance and baptizing converts, NEW missionary schedule and NEW key indicators of conversion.
 Deloraine Distict: Elders Nilsson, Parone, Morones, Payne; Sisters Burden and Me

We visited Rita, Nepali, whom we met last week with Khjurman.  We shared the Resotration with her using the Great Apostasy diagram.  She had basic English and so we taught her simply.  She received the lesson well so we invited her to be baptized but she said she's gonna think about it.

Then we drove to Khjuman, Rita's uncle and shared about Prophets.  Khjurman had basic English too.  Sandhaya, the girl we taught last few weeks ago opened the door and said she met us before..turned out the were related..haha..if you could teach, bring, convert one Nepali, you could bring the community.  We just needed someone to speak their language. We were thinking to really push through with the weekly English classes.  There was yet no translation of the Book of Mormon to Nepali. Khjurman said that he can read a bit of Hindi so we gave him Hindi BOM. Wife could not speak English so Sandhaya,the kid, translated for her. Sandhaya told them how her Dad got sick because of the Book of Mormon.  But Khjurman said, "naah, only one Jesus, I feel good with them teaching me." Yes, the Spirit was there and Khjurman felt it.

Feb 1, Wed - Today the electrician finally came to fix our lights.  We had been living in the dark for 3 weeks now.

Feb 2, Thurs - We visited a referral from the office named Josh.  As soon as we entered the gate, Josh came running outside and greeted us, saying "come in, come in."  We taught him outside since there was no female in the house.  We shared the restoration and he was like "you answered my questions."  We invited him to be baptized; we did not even finish the question and he said "yes". He would come to the baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday.  He worked on night shifts and not on weekends.

We had lunch with Babi and Saha, awesome family.  We did not have a mutual understanding of the priesthood authority but we were good friends with them.  They cooked us Nepali food which was really good, kind of Indian food and Filipino food combined.  We gave them a Book of Mormon and Saha said that he would read it.

Feb 3, Friday - Helped Sister Clark with blueberry picking.

Feb 4, Sat - David Kok's baptism

Feb 5, Sunday - Alice and Mason with baby Mali came to church today.  Also David was confirmed today and got his priesthood as well. He planned to go on a mission.

 In the Bishop's office - drawing about how the Plan of Salvation is a plan of love..then Chelsea, the Bishop's daughter, drew me.

I would surely miss Tasmania.


  1. Sister Daroy, thanks for sharing such a beautiful and inspirational account of your missionary experiences. I really loved reading through them and feeling the joy you have in the work. My daughter just arrived in your mission and I appreciated getting a glimpse of the wonderful people, the areas and the hard-working missionaries. I wish you well as you continue to serve and I hope she will get to work with you sometime even if it is just for exchanges. Sincerely, Dana Fong

    1. Hi Sister Fong,
      Thank you for your kind words. Isn't it amazing? I worked with your daughter this past week. Best regards, Sis. Daroy.

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