Sunday, 5 February 2017

Week 55

Launceston, Tasmania: Jan 23-29, 2017

A visit to Tasmania Zoo, Zone conference -Australia Day theme with Pres. Nielsen, missionary moments with Nepali families, Sunday miracle, my first to sing "I know that my Redeemer lives" in Tagalog..Amos and Merilyn asked, "Why is there a lot of churches nowadays?"

Jan 23, Monday - My comp and I visited Tasmania Zoo with Bro. Richard and Sis. Rose Dingo

Then followed a dinner with the Barnetts and Sister Taylor.  We had a great discussion on how to share the gospel in this time of much technology.

We then visited Amos and Merilyn, also from Sierra Leone and they know the Tarawhally.. Their two young daughters joined us in our discussions.  They asked, "Why is there a lot of churches?"  We were excited, we shared the lesson about the restoration using the cups. One of the daughters, 14 y.o.. undrstood well and explained to her mon and dad.  They promised to read the BOM and meet with us again.  They go to the same church of Willard and Ruvinbo, the Door of Hope.  They tend to gather in that church because of culture, just like the Nepali people go to Gateway Church be cause they have Nepali speaking ministers.

Jan 24, Tues - Today the Glen Huon Sisters came for exchanges.  I went with Sister Murphy. She was an awesome missionary with the desire to serve and had heaps of miracles in her area.  We visited Sheldon (LA) and his wife, Isabelle, non-LDS. She didn't join in the lesson and closed the kitchen door but when we started sharing the lesson with Sheldon, she opened the door and we felt like she was listening.  Sheldon had a strong testimony of the BOM and desired that his family would be together forever.

We went to Collin's house but he was still at the hospital and met Keely instead.  She was a family friend and took care of the house while the family was away.  (Later in the week, we called Collin and learned that his wife passed away.  Keely didn't grow up religious but somehow knew about God.  She accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and gave us her number.  We then visited Katie from Glen Huon who came here during the week to fix and sell her old house. She cooked us lunch. She was referred to the missionaries by Craig whom she was marrying.  She offered prayer and said, "God I want to follow you, can you please give me time?"..cute prayer.  After Katie, we also did tracting, Sister Murphy's first tracting because she always did GQ.  We tracted Nepali families and saw Jamuna and Satuman helping a relative who just moved in from Nepal. 

Jan 25, Wed - Zone conference - Australia Day theme with Pres. and Sister Nielsen of the Area Presidency and learned more how to teach repentance.

What a great support Team from the ward! Thank you everyone for helping prepare lunch.

Then we went to the Read's for dinner, parked our car at 5 Ridge and tracted while walking toward 37 Ridge, the house of the Read family.  When we came back to the car, we saw this, from a non-LDS with a book and notes about his/her beliefs.

Jan 26, Thurs - Australia Day!! Sandy Bay Sisters left this morning back to their area. We still don't have lights.  We called the agents again and they said it's on the works..haha..been 3 weeks now. We got a lamp from a sister who was not interested in missionary visits but gave us a lamp when she offered to help us.

We drove to Bridport passing Lilydale Road and visited people on the way.  We met Sister Venn who had not been visited by missionaries in years.  Her place was quite far.  She sold blueberries and gave us some of her A grade.

Ward activity in Bridport - popped by for 15 minutes.

Then a late lunch of fish n chips..
Eating and driving back to Launceston by the way to Pipers River..also visited families in Hillwood that Bishop asked us to visit; met 2 out of 3 families who lived in the area.

Jan 27, Friday- We tracted a Nepali family who invited us in. They knew Babi and Saha.  By the way, last exchanges, Sisters Burden and Ihaka visited Padam and Namay but Padam said that he would stop learning because Saha knew everything about the Bible and he would follow Saha.  Now we met another of Saha's relatives.  Khjuman accepted the BOM and said that he would read it and visit the church.

Shared the Plan of Salvation with Brielle and Scotts.  We asked Brielles about her fears of attending Primary and she said the she didn't know the songs so we sang some songs with her using Scotts piano.

Jan 28, Sat - Bread run and chapel cleaning.

We met Agnes and family from Sudan. She knew Teresa and some of the African family we met.  We invited her for baptism but she said she needed time to read and learn the Book of Mormon.

Jan 29, Sunday - Miracle.   Inge, Bev and Allison came to church today and the first time that they came together.  Iris also came in and desired to come back.  David would be baptized this Saturday, Feb 4.  Today, we had Missionary Devotional at 5pm.  Bishop, Bro. Peri, Sandy Kauwhata and me sang a musical "I know that my Redeemer lives" in different languages.  I sang in Tagalog, Bishop in Greek, and Kauwhata in Maori...haha..they said I did great..LOL (how would they know?)..Buhay and Aking Manunubos..I got the music sheet 30 mins. before the devotional started.

Photo: Me, Justine and Charlotte


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