Monday, 30 May 2016

Week 18

Footscray: May 9-15, 2016

May 9, Monday - We had the usual cottage evening at the Delos Santos home. We were glad Shirley and Junseop joined us.

May 10, Tuesday - After District Meeting, we drove to Linda's place in Port Melbourne.  We shared the story of Nephi and his obedience to the Lord (1Ne3:7).  The Lord always make a way for us to be able to do the things He asks of us.  We then visited a less-active member Aida.  She was not on the ward list printed last January but her name appeared on the printout this month.  Aida is Filipino; she opened the door but told us to come back next week at same time because she was busy.  We then tracted the neighborhood and met Diane from Turkey with Islamic background.  She told us to come back Thursday because she had to take her kid to Karate class.  We took photos of Port Melbourne.

Traffic was heavy when we left Port Melbourne and got late to Junseop's appointment at Delos Santos home.  We shared with him the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom.  He studied the lesson in advance, shared what he learned and agreed to follow and live it. When we checked the meal roster, found out that the Juresko signed up for dinner today. We picked up the food prepared for us and then drove to Heidelberg Chapel for my companion's patriarchal blessing with Patriarch Mullis.

May 11, Wednesday - Today was Temple Day.  We left our flat at 7:40 and arrived at the temple/mission at 9:00, just in time for the temple session at 9:30.  Going to the temple is always a great experience.  Later in the day, we had our ward council.

May 12, Thursday - Got our flu shot today. We then drove to Port Melbourne to visit Linda, Diane and Aida.  When we called Linda on the phone, she told us to come next time because she was busy.  We knew it was her 56th birthday and greeted her on the phone. We proceeded to Diane's place, she invited us in and offered us dinner.  We shared the Plan of Salvation with her and she shared her story of life in Melbourne and her 3 kids. She asked us if we could teach her kid Sefika (6) math and English (spelling and reading). We asked her permission to teach Sefika some gospel words too and she agreed.  Then we went to Delos Santos home to teach the last discussion about keeping the commandments to Junseop.  Mommy Nessa cooked chicken pochero and pinoy beef steak and had our second round of dinner.  I never knew that pochero is made from mashed was delish!

May 13, Friday - Holly Nguyen worked with us.  She joined our lesson with Stephen and Uncle Bob.  After that, we drove to the myotherapy appointment of my companion. We ate lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant and had coconut and soursop smoothie.

We then GQ'ed at Footscray station by talking to people who are waiting for the train or bus. Sis. Aileen Newlassi got off from a bus and pretended to ask us questions so other people around us would be able to hear and become interested.  We also pretended to teach her while she asked questions (in loud voice..haha..) 

We then went to the chapel for Junseop's baptismal interview.  Yeonghee Choi, a Korean member, was there to help Junseop with his English.  Junseop was excited for his baptism the next day.  Back in the apartment, we updated the area book so as not to miss important information about investigators and their concerns.

May 14, Saturday -  We met with the zone leaders who asked us about the area.  After the exchange with them, we went to the chapel for Junseop's baptism at 3pm.  Junseop was happy.

           L-R: Me, Sis Santos, Eugene Delos Santos, Junseop, Nessa, Wilma

After the baptism, we visited a few referrals, then to the Trang for bbq.  This was the home of Song Trang who was taught by Elder Rands and Elder Howell and baptized last week by his dad.   

                With Tim Doust trying to hide from the camera while Holly is photobombing

                                     Junseop was happy of his baptism and the food

L-R: 1st row - Jennifer, Trang kid, Elder Rands, Elder Vo, Junseop, Bro Hai
2nd row - Sis Rawenata, Sis Neist, Me, Holly, Sis Santos, Madlen, Trang kid
last row - Kevin, Trang Dad, Trang Mom, Elder Howell, Elder Marshall, Bro Neist with first baby (3 wks), Kathleen and investigator (while other members had left)


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