Saturday, 14 May 2016

Week 15

Footscray: April 18-24, 2016

This Monday's cottage evening was held at Brother Foster's home. Professor Foster (as we nicknamed him), as usual, gave a very good lesson.  Then he showed us his mission journals and his "Book of Life" which he had kept until now.  He had been very dedicated in writing journals everyday and encouraged us to do the same.  Our journal is our scripture and helps us count our blessings. Just like Nephi, the Book of Mormon is his journal and of the other prophets.

April 19, Tuesday - The responsibility of being the Senior companion was given to me. We received 21 referrals from the office.  Some of them were follow ups from 3 years ago.  One referral named Kathy was very receptive when we taught her about the Restoration and a bit of the Plan of Salvation at her door.  It was sad because her partner just committed suicide. She wasn't interested in the gospel but now she's more open to us.  People who experience changes in their lives such as death in the family, moving, loss of job, and others, are potential investigators. Church members could help these people cope with the changes in their lives by introducing them to the gospel and the missionaries.

April 20-21 - We did the usual tracting and teaching. While our District Meeting was on Tuesdays, we did it on Wednesday.  Tuesday was transfer day, nobody from our district was transferred though.

April 22, Friday - We had Stake President Fireside in the city branch at 6 pm.  We took the train because I don't want to drive through the city traffic and find parking.  Stake President Parton and his wife Jodie held an open discussion on how to work with members to get referrals. They taught us that we just ask more questions, get to know them better and build trust so that they will trust their friends to us.  We were assigned to work with 7 families every week for 2 months.

April 23, Saturday - Uncle Bob brought his friend, Shirley, to church.  Shirley was keen to learn about the church.  Today, we taught her a lesson at Uncle Bob's place with Stephen. Shirley said that she would commit for baptism if she would find the church is true.  One concern was that she lived in Braybrook which was a few steps outside our boundary.  We needed to ask permission from the bishop and the mission president what to do with her. She preferred to attend Footscray Ward because her ride was Uncle Bob and Footscray chapel was nearer than Deer Park Chapel. We needed to teach her more because she was not convinced that there is a difference between our church and her Catholic faith.

Then we had dinner appointment with Sister Rawenata, YW President.  She lived a very busy life but still had time to visit the less actives and do visiting teaching as well.  She was single and lived alone in a very big nice home near Altona Beach.  

While I was parking, I saw this lady biking with her 2 dogs.
April 24, Sunday - Our investigators, Shirley and Junseop, attended church.  Junseop is Korean with Filipino mom.  Bishop Brinkworth taught Gospel Principles class where he discussed the Priesthood and the foundations of the church. Both the English class and the Vietnamese class were combined since the teachers were on holidays.  Melinda, one of the Vietnamese recent convert, did the translation for the Vietnamese group.

Bishop's lesson about the foundation of the Church


Sis. Nessa's yummy bulalo

Me and Holly with Sis. Nessa's yummy Cinnamon roll

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