Sunday, 29 May 2016

Week 17

Footscray: May 2-8, 2016

May 2, Monday- We had our Monday cottage evening at Brother Foster's place with a lesson about the Plan of Salvation. This was a great message and also a reinforcement of the lesson we had shared with our investigator from Korea, Junseop. Every time we met with him at the Delos Santos home, he had studied the lesson in advance and ready for discussion. He was excited to be baptized, which we moved to the 14th from May 21st. Junseop learned fast, did the commitments and been to church and every activity. He also wanted to improve his English and join the Australian Army. 

May 3, Tuesday - We went to Port Melbourne, my first time to be here, to visit a referral from the office, Linda Little, which was ironic because her house was so big and she lived there alone with her cat.  She was golden, had been visited by the missionaries, and had a friend Estell, LDS, who encouraged her to meet with the missionaries.  She wanted to repent and be baptized to have a new life so we set her baptism on May 21st.  She requested to do the opening prayer in our lesson where she also prayed that people would not be rude to us. Linda had great faith that her eye surgery on May 27th would go well because of her baptism and the Holy Ghost that would comfort her.

After meeting with Linda, we went back to Footscray for dinner and a lesson with Junseop at Delos Santos home.  Eugene and Nessa were really great fellowshippers to Junseop and helped him understand the gospel in simplicity.  

May 4, Wednesday - We had Zone meeting where each one shared how the Book of Mormon helped us and would help us in the mission. 

Then we met with Sis Aileen Newlassie who took us to a fancy Vietnamese Restaurant. Sis Aileen is from Surigao, Philippines and served a mission in her country.  

She had take-out food to give to the Neist family who just had a baby.  This was how Relief Society and ward members supported and loved each other. 

Sis Aileen was so kind and invited us again to have lunch with her next week.
We then visited the Hanley family and asked each one to share their favorite scripture.  Rob, the non-LDS Dad, had not read the Book of Mormon yet, we invited him to open the book and point to a random verse and he did on Alma 20:27, which was pretty cool because it talks about how we must be teachable.  If Rob would become teachable, then he would eventually accept the gospel and be baptized.  His only problem was he couldn't give up coffee.  Pretty much, he knew a lot about the gospel, always participating and encouraging his family to pray, read the book and attend church.

May 5, Thursday - I visited the dentist today and had comprehensive exam and cleaning. Dentist found 2 cavities and advised me to eat less sugar..hehe..Then we drove to the mission office to get the Patriarchal blessing recommend of my companion.  On our way, I nearly hit the rear bumper of the car in front of me.  He just suddenly turned right using wrong signal and stopped in front which was weird. We had 40 minutes drive in the freeway, felt great to see the temple across the mission office.  (The trunk after the sudden brake..hehe..)

May 5-6, Friday-Saturday - Visited Sis. Eames at the Nursing home who always had stories to tell.  We met Shirly at Uncle Bob's place with Stephen and shared with her the Restoration video and she was eager to learn.  We then went to the Bell family who had a party to celebrate the miraculous cure of Rhett from cancer.  We had the chance to speak to some of their non-LDS friends.

With Sis Aileen at the Vietnamese Resto

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