Sunday, 2 April 2017

Week 63

Dandenong: March 20 - 26, 2017

Sunrise testimony at Philips Island, my first driving breath test, the 'dying' and the 'newborn' (departing and arriving), MLC (leaders conference), Bishop Rogers from Tasmania, awesome investigators, and more..

Mar 20, Monday - Sisters Pday: Sunrise Testimony at Philips Island; all the Sisters were present except for the Moorabbin and Hampton Park Sisters.

Sister Dulaki would be going home this Wednesday. This was her area before she moved to Tarneit so we drove her to some members.

With Sister Burton and son Roger; with Lawrence family, Matthew happily showed his medal from winning Tennis game.
3rd Monday so family home evening with the Danielson family. We shared about faith using "Seeds of Faith." We had been teasing Sister Dulaki to lead every lesson today, her last moments..hahaha. Sister Danielson and her Mission Famous Chicken, everyone in the mission talked about it.
With Sister Danielson, always giving us a feast

Police on the road for Breath test. I failed to blow air first try..hahaha..the police officer was patient enough to let me try another one.

Mar 21, Tuesday - Drove Sister Dulaki early to attend the departing missionary temple session. 
Big changes in the mission this coming new transfer; Narre Warren Sisters put this on their door to welcome Sister Masi from West side to their flat.

                        With Narre Warren Sisters and Sister Leilua.

Driving Sister Ligica to Tarneit as new STL and Sister Leilua to train another Golden in Glenroy, West side..huhu..sad to see them leave the East side. (Top R corner): With Sister Laurenson, just finished her Golden training in Tarneit, going to Griffith this transfer, good sense of humor and helped driving Sisters to their new areas.
   With Sister Falani                                                     Sister Solo and Sister Cruz
            Me, Sisters Lonitenisi, Masi and Manosig
Dropped Sister Masi and Sister Tafili serving in Narre Warren; Sister Tuu'u and Sister Faletao to Devon Meadows area.
Got the van and loaded with beds and mattresses for the Moorabin Sisters who will be getting a Golden..somehow we all fit inside!
Moorabbin Sisters, Sister Schaub and Sister Cruz. We helped them rearranged their beds to the living room where there's AC and heater and bigger space. Then we picked up Sister Dulaki from the mission home coz she would be staying with us till her flight on Wednesday night.

 The van fits in this small garage. 

Mar 22, Wednesday- Doing splits - Sister Dulaki and Sister Koroi, Me and Sister Manosig

Today, drove some stuff to other Sisters to get them started and then drove to the city to meet with the new City STLs, Sister Guan and Sister Pratt. I gave them a brief orientation on their new assignments. They were exemplary and experienced Sisters and were excited for their new assignments.

This flat was empty for two transfers but when the Sisters got called to this area, the tub was inside their bedroom...haha..

          Me, Sister Manosig, Sisters Pratt and Guan

**We had the van till Thursday; the APs let us had it till the Goldens would arrive..yeay, easy to drive!
We then drove to Library and met Chelvam. He showed us text messages from other religions inviting him to church. He said he was confused where to go. We shared about prophets but he had very limited English. We requested the Kumarasamy family to pick him up for church this Sunday.

Then we picked up Sister Dulaki and Sister Koroi and drove them to Wantirna to visit recent converts whom she taught when she was in the city. This family just moved here. Sister Andrea recognized me and said she saw me in the city. Maybe in Footscray? They looked familiar to me too.
We then had dinner with the Kumarasamy family; invited sister Dulaki to share her testimony as we need to leave soon because we are running late. She didn't want to miss her flight..haha..

In the Mission home, we met the Golden Elders who just arrived today. In the photo, Sister Dulaki and Elder Vaioga (blue suit) are flying home tonight while the others just arrived.

After a long day and before driving back home, we took a night photo at the Temple..yeay, good job Team for a day well done!

March 23, Thurs - We visited Liliana today; then had weekly planning, updated boards and schedules for the new transfer. We also visited some former investigators as well.

March 24, Friday - Walking to Mission home to meet other Leaders for MLC..

All new from my first MLC..they were great leaders. Also in these photos - Sister Vidmar and her Mom Mima visiting, 94ish. She used to live in Montreal and so we got talk about Canada a bit.

After the MLC, we went to visit former investigator, Emmanuela. As we were walking towards their home, Martha (mom) opened the door before we got to it. She told us that Emmanuela was in church for an activity. Martha was nice, we talked about Restoration, and she said that she had an Arabic BOM and still remembered the missionaries visiting her years ago. We set return appointment for next week.

We then picked up the Narre Warren Sisters and Sister Koroi who stayed with them during our MLC.

March 25, Sat - We had our combined District Meeting and got to meet new missionaries in our zone. We did splits with Sister Freda and sister Danielson; and, exchanges with the Narre Warren Sisters. Sister Masi stayed with me for the day and she still remembered the people she used to visit when she was a golden with Sister Tupu and Sister Teriipaia in this area last year. On the other hand, Sister Koroi and Sister Freda visited people in Bowmore Cres in Noble Park, then we got back together and did service with the Fear family.
We helped Samantha water some plants while Brother and Sister Fear were away for the holidays.

We also visited Melissa, a single mom who lived with her two kids in Noble Park. We shared about prayer in Alma 377:37. She had a strong testimony and she met missionaries just door knocking years ago. Her two kids, 4 and 14 years old, had been bugging her to go to church. She raised her kids well.

We visited a less active family and said that she did not want to force her kids. All kids were baptized except for one, Daniel, 11 years old. She said that missionaries used to teach him but stopped, and that there was nothing we could do help her. When asked about her family goals, she kind of soften up. When we asked if we could share a message, she called Daniel to join us. Daniel joined in the lesson and we shared about 3Ne 18:19-21 about praying with your family. We taught Daniel how to pray, he had a lot of questions and asked us if God would appear to him if he would pray. Then his mom testified and told him 'no' but that the Spirit would be there so he could feel God's presence. Amazing!
After dropping Sister Freda back, Sister Danielson gave us strawberry smoothie to drink..we each drank 3 glasses full..yumm!

March 26, Sunday - The Rogers family came to visit our ward..yeay! Bishop Rogers' mom was in our ward. Bishop Rogers told me updates about Tamar Ward, said that Abbey and Brielle had been coming to church and preparing for baptism while Alice and Mason were married. I told him, "well, things happened when I left."  Bishop said, "yeah, we were relieved." Hahaha..he was so funny and always had a big smile.
What an awesome family! I would miss their great example and tremendous help when I served in Tamar Ward, Tasmania.

We taught Gospel Principles class today, such a big class. We taught about Atonement and shared the video - The Mediator.

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