Thursday, 20 April 2017

Week 65

Dandenong: April 3-9, 2017

Shrine of Remembrance, Temple Cleaning, General Conference, and more...

Apr 3, Monday - Sisters Pday. Shrine of Remembrance.

Missing the Devon Meadows, Wantirna and Hampton Park Sisters. (Spot the photobombers)
We then visited the Foundoulakis and we shared the Prince of Peace video.

Apr 4-5, Tues to Wed - Exchanges with the Devon Meadows Sisters: morning exercise and I cooked liver giblets for the Sisters.

We have pomegranate tree in our backyard and the Sisters liked it.

We visited Lucretia, the lady we tracted last February who gave us grapes. She returned the Book of Mormon and said that the Bible was enough for her. As we were walking back to the car, we asked this another lady who was gardening if she needed help. A Vietnamese, we had some kind of language barrier, but she gave us this fruit which we didn't know but tasted like guava.
We also saw this pomelo and so we asked the Chinese man sitting outside if we can have some. Their tree was full of fruits. 

We were asked to drive some Sisters for the Temple cleaning. Our zone was assigned to clean the Temple for two days. We were told late and we already had exchanges. For me and my companion, we were asked to clean on both days. Good thing Sister Tuu'u was up for cleaning. Great experience, first time. 
We also stopped by Samantha and helped her water the plants. 

After dropping the Devon Meadows Sisters back to their flat, we had dinner with the Mooroolbark Sisters. We cooked them the heart-liver giblets. Sister Marlowe was scared to try it but in the end, she liked it..I think, it was fun. Sister Chang made us dessert.

Apr 6, Thurs - Cleaned the Temple again. We used a machine to clean the tiles. It was so cool, tiles were super white. The other Sisters helped sand the endowment room chairs for varnish, I guess.

Apr 7, Friday - Exchanges with Lynbrook Sisters. I went with Sister Caguimbal. Also cooked sinigang with them.

Apr 8, Sat - After the General Conference and inspired by Elder Yoon Hwan, I looked up to the sky. opened my mouth and drank the rain.

Apr 9, Sunday - Really enjoyed the conference talks, loved the message of the prophets and apostles.  Des came to watch general conference. Later that night, we joined the Wantirna Sisters for dinner. They prepared full course.
Had a great time learning more about these Sisters.  They were so amazing. I also borrowed Sister Cehajic's rubiks cube and asked her for some algorithm because I forgot already.. he he he..
Stayed with them for the night because we would be joining their Zone Pday tomorrow.

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