Sunday, 4 December 2016

Week 46

Launceston, Tasmania: Nov 21-27, 2016

My first week of working with Sister Burden, my MTC batch mate.  I loved to record what transpired on a daily basis because I want to remember the people we taught and the missionary experiences. Aside from teaching in our area, we did exchanges with Sandy Bay and Glen Huon Sisters. Just loving our missionary miracles!

Nov 21, Monday - P-day: emails, errands, lunch at the Gorge, putting up Christmas decors

Me, Sister Burden, Sister Reeve

Then, we had dinner with Sister Reeve.  She served a mission at the Salt Lake Family History Department.  She shared her amazing conversion story when missionaries found her years ago. 

We were also prompted to visit Cynthia whom we met at the Tarawhally's house.  We thought it would be too late to visit her at 8pm because she has 2 young kids but we went anyway.  She invited us in and told us that she needed inspiration today because she had a series of unfortunate events. We shared about God's love and got a return appointment this Saturday afternoon.  A miracle!

Nov 22, Tuesday- Attended District Meeting today, did pictographs to introduce ourselves to the new missionaries in the District, and enjoyed the donuts brought by the Elders.

We then drove to Jackie's place and Jackie drove us to Georgetown to meet David.  David had shown much improvement and when we asked him to read and study 3Ne 11-13, he said that he would read the entire 2 Nephi. Then we had dinner with Sandi Kauwhata, Bec and Una Oto Ota, all members of the Ward. We shared with them the Christmas initiative. We also visited Jamuna and her family and continued reading to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet.

               Photo: at Jackie's place, the broom is taller than the door.

Nov 23, Wed - Today, we traveled to Hobart. 

 We had lunch with the Sandy Bay Sisters.

Then I paired with Sister Li to GQ Chinese.  She just finished her 12 weeks and was good in talking to people.

                    Photo: Me, Sisters Pratt, Burden and Li
After the exchanges, we then drove to Glen Huon and stayed there for the night. Sisters Murphy and Ihaka were new in the area but they were already smashing it. They met with Bishop and got some names to visit to start off.

Nov. 24, Thursday - During the companionship study, Sisters Murphy and Ihaka shared the Restoration using the cups. 
Today was American Thanksgiving so we decided to buy lunch from a place recommended by missionaries who served here before.  

Then I went with Sister Ihaka and we ate our lunch in front of the river. We talked about Tarneit area to catch up.  Then we visited some people from the Ward list to get to know them.  We met the Body family and shared with them God's love.  Brother Body shared some spiritual experiences in the past that led them to investigate the church and be baptized.  They had not been in the church for a while but would like to come back.

We had dinner with the Hutchins and shared with the Seeds of Faith.  Though my companion and I are not Americans, the family served us Thanksgiving-like dinner.  We were grateful for the delicious meal. This family loved to travel.

At the Hutchins' place, they showed us these roses.  The water was dyed and later, the white roses would turn into same color.

Parking at Glen Huon
A great reminder

Nov 25, Friday - After the DLC meeting at Glenorchy, we traveled home and did our Weekly planning in the car during the 3-hour trip, focusing on the people we wanted to work on.

Then we had dinner with Sister Taylor and shared with her the Christmas initiative. Before that, I got lost driving to her place..haha..despite of Sister Tupu's earlier warning to remember the route and don't get lost.  Her place was just tricky..haha..

We then visited Sister Purton from the Ward list.  She invited us in and we met her family. She said she was busy but we shared the Christmas initiative. The family owned a 50-acre land. As we drove back, we saw a wallaby jumping in front of the car and almost hit it.  This area was very bushy.

Nov 26, Sat - We visited some potential people on the other side of the river today and we met Jarry who had 2 dane dogs.  She invied us in but told us that she was not interested. We shared with her the Christmas initiative and she said that she might visit the church on Christmas day. We also shared with her the Book of Mormon and she happily accepted it and said she would read it.  She was nice, got our number and the church address. She owned a big property and took care of it by herself.

We then ate lunch near Cynthia's place. We knocked but she informed us that she would be late because of school. She said we could meet her again next week.

We then visited Donna in the Rehab unit and shared a bit about Restoration. She was recovering from her car accident well. She told us that she would come to church tomorrow and not to the church of Willard and Ruvinbo..haha. We arranged for the Kauwhatas to pick her up. She also accepted a Book of Mormon to read. Miracle.

We also visited members around Mowbray, including Sister Birell, 90, and shared the Christmas initiative with her. We also visited a few potential investigators in the list and set appointments to meet them next week.

We went to the Chapel and familiarized ourselves with the Christmas initiative website; it was online starting today.  We also planned with the Elders how we could share this initiative to the Wards tomorrow. 

During my personal study, this stood out to me: Pres. Monson, Nov 2015 - "As we make Christ the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced by the courage of our convictions."

Nov 27, Sunday - Sister Burden gave a talk today together with the Johnstones.  Bishop said that he gave the talk because they were leaving as a warning to those families who were thinking of moving..haha..Bishop was hillarious. So far, we had 3 young families (leaders) moving from the Ward. This motivated us even more to work diligently so that the Ward would not become a Branch..hehe..

We shared the Christmas initiative to both the Tamar and Esk Wards together with the Elders. We also did role-plays and the members seemed to enjoy them..they made a comment when I said "you can download downloadable downloads starting today from the website." They laughed.

During Young Women class, theme today was "Good Works" which was Yellow.  Then we enjoyed some yellow sweet treats.  After that, we did a Sharing Time with the Primary kids.

Yellow sweet treats

After church, we visited Alison and shared the Christmas initiative. We also visited Bruce, a former investigator, and an aboriginal Aussie. We shared a message and he was nice to us but in the end, he saidthat he was not interested because of past experiences which led to losing his trust in people. We told him that we don't force anyone but we just would like to share and invite people and it is up to them to receive and act on the message.

This week had been really great and amazing.  For the coming weeks, would focus on Christmas initiative.

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