Friday, 4 November 2016

Week 41

Launceston, Tasmania: October 17-23, 2016

Early morning Seminary class with amazing early-riser youth, exchange with Sandy Bay (chinese program) Sisters and my first teaching in Chinese, Sister Tupu's 18th month, visiting Sister Kaye in Swan Point, and more..
Oct 17, Monday - A visit to Lilydale Falls during a nice weather...

We then had dinner with the Wheeler family and shared with them about Our Eternal Potential message. "Are you chopping wood with the hatchet cover still on?  What are the hatchet covers in your life?  What keeps you from living up to your eternal potential? It's time to take the covers off our hatchets and go to work."

We also visited Amanda and shared the Beatitudes in Matthew 5.

Oct 18, Tuesday - We woke up early to teach the 6:30 m Seminary Class. The teacher, Sister Lisa Pebble, had to go somewhere and asked us to teach. Six youth attended and we taught about Jonah and obedience.  Amazing youth who woke up early to attend seminary class!

Preparing Seminary classroom
We then drove to Deloraine to attend the Deloraine zone meeting and gave training about using Family History as a tool for finding people to teach, same training we gave last week. Stake President Walters was there and joined us in the role-plays.  He gave helpful tips on how to work well with members.

We then drove 2-3 hours to Hobart.  I drove so Sister Tupu can enjoy the view.  Fun, heaps of sheep.  We stayed with the Sandy Bay Sisters.

Sandy Bay

The Sisters' flat (Left bldg.); sooo amazing view.

Oct. 19, Wednesday - Exchanges with Sandy Bay Sisters (Chinese Program)
                  Selfie after our early morning walk

Ni zui jin zen me yang? In English, how are you today? I was with Sister Roberts when we taught Sally, LDS and a student of the University of Tasmania, in Chinese. I tried to bear my testimony and added some insights  to the lesson.  They were very patient with me and my Chinese..haha..We then did some GQ-ing or teaching around the city.  Some Chinese had a surprise look on their faces when they saw Sister Roberts, American, spoke Chinese.

We also met grade school kids who were selling jelly for fund raising.  They were so good in sales talk that they convinced us to buy one for $2. After exchanges, we then drove to Glen Huon Sisters area, 40 mins. from Sandy Bay and spent the night there.

Oct 20, Thursday - The four of us had a companionship study - me, Sister Tupu, Sister Ligica, and Sister Haenga- and shared object lessons - Seeds of Faith analogy (faith and how to strengthen it), Paper Clip analogy (restoration of the gospel).  I partnered with Sister Haenga and we visited some members in the ward list. The area is bush and we drove up a very steep hill and walked to the next houses.  We had a lesson with Sister Rose and her friend Wolfgang.  Wolfgang, non-LDS, said he would like to meet with us again. It was a good exchange with Sister Haenga.  She was a companion to Sister Paulo and Sister Faiga.

We then travelled back to Launceston.  I appreciated this long drive; Sister Tupu was funny and sang well.

Oct 21, Friday - Awesome LDS, Jackie Lockart, drove us to Georgetown to meet David who had been investigating the church for a while now.  We shared about Temples, Families and the Priesthood which sparked his interests.  He had been to church twice but didn't want a baptismal date yet.  Jackie helped with the lesson; they talked about families and how to raise one.  Haha..we need that lesson too!

We then had dinner with Sister Roser. She has a guestbook for all the missionaries who had been to their house.  I saw my previous companions' names - Santos, Albania, Wairepo.  Sister Roser invited her friend, Simon.  Simon knew a lot about Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  He said he will read it and pray about it.  He said he wanted to visit the church, though a bit shy but he said he would try.

Oct 22, Saturday - We met with the ward mission leader, Josh, and then went to the Kauwhata's house for the bread run.  Since the couple are in New Zealand for the week, Justine and Peta helped us put the bread in 26 bags.  The Elders came as well and picked up some bags to give out to people in their area. So much bread..

We had lunch with Amanda and shared a message with her.  We also visited Allison and read the Book of Mormon with her.

Kimba, Allison's dog
We also visited Bev and shared a conference talk with her.  Bev loved frogs and she had around 700+ frogs of any sorts around the house.  She also shared her saving tips - $2 coins in 600ml bottle added up to $1000 when full.

Also visited Inge who had these amazing birds...

Also, a visit to the Tarawhally family from Sierra Leone with 2 kids. We shared about Prophets and the many prophets in the Book of Mormon.

I noticed that our tire looked flat but didn't bother..noticed it like 2 weeks before.  Later, we found out that there was a nail..haha..we had been driving from Hobart and back with a nail in our tire!

Oct 23, Sunday - Sister Lisa Pebble gave us chocolate to thank us for teaching seminary.  My companion had an interview with the Bishop for finishing her personal progress today.  The Bishop also asked us about the investigators we are working with.

With Bro. Alex Johnstone while waiting for Bishop's interview..

Sister Kaye hosted dinner for us.  She lived in a lovely, big house alone in Swan Point.  We shared a scripture with her. 

Before driving back to Launceston, we stopped by a river and took a photo with Pikachu. 

Today was Sister Tupu's 18 months mark.  We had 18 sparklers and ice cream..yeayy!!




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