Saturday, 15 October 2016

Week 37

Tarneit and Werribee: Sept 19-25, 2016

When engaged in the work, it felt like the week just went by soo fast..

Sept 19, Monday - Attended to our usual P-day chores and errands.  We bought avocados and made avocado shakes..yum..

We also made a gospel poster for Jacob so that he will be reminded of the lessons we shared to him.  Then we invited him to color it and hang it where he could always see it.

Sept 20, Tuesday - What an awesome District Meeting! Had lots of role plays and trainings on how we can help our investigators to progress.
Tongan Elders, L-R: Elder Faanunu and Elder Kinini with their Tongan clothing
With the Elders L-R: Elder Alao, Elder Liu and Elder Lungu

Sep 21, Wed - Today, I worked with Sister Lonitenisi. She was easy to get along with and we visited a few people in Tarneit area. Her finding skills had improved and I challenged her to give out a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet after introducing the BOM. And she did. We met Alec who accepted our invitation to read the BOM and got a return appointment with her family. She told us to come back when her dad would be home. We also met Joe and Andi who were interested to learn and wanted us to come back and share more. Then we had lunch with Nan. She cooked Boil Up and Mussels; she remembered that I liked both, really good. We shared Ether 12:27- if we show humility and faith, we would be blessed by making our weaknesses into strengths.

Next, we met Zophrynia and read with her Mosiah 2. We also invited her to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ diagram to a friend and family and she accepted. We were excited to follow up on her experience about it when we come back.

Sister Nisi dropped us dinner in our flat, after which, we had our exchange review. Then we visited Donna Vai with her sons, Malu and Lehi. Donna happily told us that she did our invitation to read the BOM. She and Lehi shared the thoughts about 1Ne 2:1-4. In those 4 verses, we learned a lot of principles such as obedience, trust in the Lord, faith and blessings.

We then visited the Molesi family. We gave them avocado salad and cookies because the kids love avocado. We shared them the Plan of Salvation using the cut-outs. the kids were able to share to us back the PoS when we disarranged the cut-outs. they were so cool. Tyrone, their 16 year old son, later joined in our lesson. We sang hymns with them and would meet them again next week.

Then we drove back to Sunshine and ended the exchange. It was a great experience.

Photo with Sister Lonitenisi

Sep 22, Thurs - Had our DLC today. 

Then we had lunch with Nan; she cooked us roast with gravy, really good.

We also did our Weekly Planning and visited former investigators who lived near Joshua before we went to his place. With Joshua, we shared the Restoration using the cups. We also visited Aniva but File was out driving his uncle to the airport. Aniva shared her photos.

We also stopped by Tuitupuo's place but sister Akesa was still sick with flu. Hopefully she would get better soon. We also met Philip but did not get a chance to share a message because they were in the middle of preparing dinner.

Sep 23, Fri - Zone Temple Day, saw Pres when we came out of the Temple. He greeted us with a big smile and we got a pic with him..yeay.
Then we visited a few less-actives to update the ward list or if they still live in same address.

Sep 24, Sat - Saw this blue tree while out jogging during our exercise.
We met Archie and his niece Doris; he invited us in and we shared the Restoration with him. He was a former investigator and wanted to learn again, also said that he would read the BOM and pray about it. He had an LDS friend in Brisbane. His daughter, Archlyn, was also with us during the lesson.

Our challenge today - no map for me, Sister Paulo would be the guide to our appointments, one way of helping each other get to know the area better. Sister Paulo was good.

We also visited the Ta'atiti family and they invited us in for some snacks. We shared Moroni 10:3-5 to the mom, invited them to church but they said they were attending another church. I knew this family was sealed in the temple 9 years ago. The mom said that we could come and visit them anytime. I was confused so I asked about this family during the Ward Council meeting. I learned that the family requested for 'no visits' so I informed the council that when we came, they invited us in and was happy to see us. I learned never to give up and be persistent to help the members do rescue visits even though it may seem we have no progress, or we could not see the fruits of the efforts right away. The ward council was willing to visit this family again.

We also visited the Vini family and taught Doris, non-LDS friend, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the diagram. They said they would come to church tomorrow.

Sep 25, Sun - Today, Arwin and her kids beat us to church, they came early! Charlotte and Louie Vini also came to church with Doris. File also came. We taught the Law of Chastity in Gospel Principle class. Bro. Fuatimau and Sister Vahai were there to help us with the lesson. We also met the Henare family later today and they shared their goals. the Van den Hoogen family provided us dinner. 

The week went by so fast.

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