Saturday, 17 September 2016

Week 34

Tarneit and Weribbee: Aug 29 - Sept 4, 2016

Tracting, visiting. teaching and setting baptism dates..Arwin and kids for Sep 17, Anu for Sep 24, and Karen would pray for her baptism date.

Aug 29, Monday - Anu texted us that she would like to meet us today so we gave her a chapel tour and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She said it was easy to understand. She accepted our invitation to be baptized with the proper priesthood authority on Sept. 24. She was excited and even wanted to go tracting with us to teach people.

As we went back to the car, the stake had handcarts on the ground for the pioneer day so I thought it would be fun to try one..haha..It was heavy, not fun.  I am grateful for the faith, endurance and patience of the pioneers.

We had FHE with Nan and shared with her temple blessings using the Mormon message.  She was happy that we visited her today and sang her favorite hymn 'Families can be Together Forever'.  She served as a temple worker before so we invited her to the ward temple trip on Sept. 2.  We then visited Jenti and she told us that her husband, David, said 'no' to Jacob's baptism.  Jacob was sad because he wanted to be baptized, however, we were grateful that David allowed the family to come to church this time.  

Aug 30, Tuesday - Had District Meeting today, then visited Karen and shared with her the video Hope in God's Light and the Patterns of Light series of Elder Bednar. 

Photo (Right): Elder Casil (DL) made this yum dessert

Then we had dinner with Nan. She made fried bread, a NZ delicacy, and sold them to support her grandson, Elder Hira, who was serving in New Zealand.  

We also visited Donna Vai with her kids Lehi, Malu and Richard.  We shared with them about the body as a temple and how to take care of it physically (Word of Wisdom) and spiritually. We then visited the Henare family and shared Mosiah 24:15, how the Lord will strengthen us if we submit to his will cheerfully and with patience. In that verse, the Lord didn't remove the burden but with added strength, we can bear our burdens with ease. The family gave us fruits as we were leaving.

Aug 31, Wednesday - Today, we did a lot of visiting formers and tracting. We met a few who were interested to learn and wanted us to come back. We got to talk to Kelly when she was getting mail from her mailbox.  She was happy to share her experiences but not ready to accept the gospel.  We unselfishly lent a listening ear.  We also visited the Vini family and taught their close friend, Doris, about the Restoration.  Doris was grateful she met us and learned teachings about prophets and priesthood. She said she would visit the church.

Sep 1, Thursday - Today we shared a lesson with Karen in the Mission Home with Pres. and Sis. Vidmar.  Karen was a big fan of gymnastics.  They talked about gymnastics, some names and things they knew well, that we don't know.  We felt left out..haha..We then shared the Restoration video and shared more about how God answers prayers. We found out that Sis Vidmar and Karen both love football.  Karen could relate to the conversion story of Sis. Vidmar.  We invited her to pray for a specific date of her baptism.  
Elder Vidmar, Karen, Sister Vidmar with Elder Vidmar's Olympic gold and silver medals

With Karen on the grounds of  Australia Melbourne Temple
We then visited Arwin and the kids. Lorraine was also there. We shared the Word of Wisdom with them which was well received. They were willing to live the WoW. We extended a baptismal date to Sep 17 and they accepted.  

We also visited Anna Crockers, finally got her.  She had been reading the Bible but refused the Book of Mormon.  We would meet her again after church.

Sep 2, Friday - We visited Lloyd and Rachel who led the lesson about Tithing and Word of Wisdom. They accepted our invitation to join the Ward 40 Day Fasting and they accepted. We visited Ian who shared that he finally got a job after 9 months of searching.  He needed a ride to church and so we asked Bro Court, who was also willing to have him.

We then had exchanges with Sunshine Sisters.  I was with Sister Masi back in Tarneit while Sister Paulo joined Sister Fakahokatau and Sister Lonitenisi in Sunshine area.
Sister Masi, Me, Sister Lonitenisi, Sister Paulo, Sister Fakahokatau
Sep 3, Saturday - We met the Delaney kids. Cassandra was busy and told us to come back next time.  The kids, cheerful and friendly, were playing outside.
Dac, Crenshaw, Elahzaye, Me, Sister Paulo
Sep 4, Sunday - Arwin with the kids and Karen came to church.  Bro. Fuatimau gave lesson on Priesthood during Gospel Principle Class.  During RS class, Karen can't stop crying.  The lesson was about how God helps us fulfill our divine roles. We felt Karen's spirit and excited about her.  Karen and Arwin had also become friends.

Noah, Daniel and Jacob were in church in their suits.

Practicing a musical item, Elder Bennion was happy to play the piano for us.  Elder Togia was put on the spot to join the singing, while I was filming..haha..They sang 'Joseph's First Prayer' in the tune of 'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.'


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