Sunday, 4 September 2016

Week 32

Tarneit and Werribee: Aug 15-21, 2016

Bounce, Arwin and Karen's baptismal goal on Sep 3, the car incident, tracting, meeting formers and members, the good samaritan of the jump-start kit, exchanges, the big transfer news!

Aug 15, Monday - Prep-Day: The Craigie ZLs invited us to join their Pday so the Sisters could get a ride and join the activity. We did our emails at Craigieburn Library, then drove to Bounce, a trampoline place. The higher you fall, the harder you bounce. The Elders loved the trampoline, they jumped for 3 hours; me and my comp jumped only for an hour. 

Waiting for our turn to bounce.

On the way to drive the Craigie Sisters to their flat..saw this wonderful view!

When we got back to our area, we went straight to Arwin's place, changed to proselyting clothes just behind the boot..haha..felt like we were agents. We shared the Resoration cups with Arwin and two of his young sons. Arwin was keen, told us she never knew about these things before, and would bring her kids to church on Sunday. She wasn't able to come to church because she hurt herself and her foot was swollen. Her baptismal date was moved to Sep 3rd.

My comp got colds, my fault..hehe..we didn't go to Jenti because we didn't want the kids to get sick, too.

Aug 16, Tues - We had District Meeting today and I was asked to give a training about Teaching in the Savior's Way. After DM, we we drove right away to the Heidelberg Stake Center for the Craigieburn/Heidelberg Zone Conference. We arrived just in time for lunch..haha.they just finished singing Called to Serve and headed back to the trainings while we stayed to eat..lots of food, Islander feast. We talked to the RS sisters who prepared the food, they also have sons and daughters who would be serving missions or were serving or served. We then joined the training - helped the Craigie Sisters in role playing, heard Elder Concardas (departing missionary) bore his testimony, met Sisters Santos and Nepia, Murphy and Aalto, and Pres and Sister Vidmar were fun to be with.

We then visited two referrals - Zabin but no one open the door (probably, not home) and Kevin, but not living there anymore. My comp suggested we visit Arlene and she invited us in. We shared the Resotration cups and they loved it, they said it was easy to understand. When we invited them to church, Werrick said he knew where it is, described it as the big church with beautifully mowed lawn. He said the family loved having us over.

We then drove to Sunbury for exchange; I paired with Sister Wora Anu and drove back to Werribee. On our way, she shared her struggles, to which I could also relate when I was not yet STL.

Aug 17, Wed - On missionary exchange, Me and Sister Wora Anu. 
After companionship study, we visited Rishna, been a long time we had not seen her. She was baptized in another church but still accepted our lesson; we showed her the Restoration video and read with her the testimony of Joseph Smith. She said she finally got rid of her Hindu idols, wanted to learn more about the revelations received by Joseph Smith, but could not yet grasp the importance of authority that differentiates a true church from one which is not. I know that she was being prepared and someday her eyes would be opened.

We then visited few referrals, then Karen and Nisi. We taught the Word of Wisdom and it was well received, moved her baptism day to Sep 3rd.

On our way to Werribee from Tarneit, quite a busy street, a car turning right almost collided with us on the intersection, later I proceeded slowly after allowing the 2 cars to clear the intersection, and a biker crossed the street. I did not see another biker coming, hit the kid then a pedestrian and Sister Wora Anu helped him up. I parked the car, asked the kid if he was okay but he did not speak and hurriedly joined his brother waiting across the street. I was shaking and we both said a prayer. Then we both some food, ate in the car and rehearsed what happened. We then met Rachelle and Judy, they shared the lessons on Laws of Chastity and Tithing.

We then called Elder Linder, told him about the incident and asked if we're okay physically and emotionally; I told him physically okay but a bit unstable emotionally. He asked us to take photos of the place of the incident, fill up report and write separate statements just in case someone reported the incident. After the call, we visited Jenti and the kids -read Noah's ark to Daniel and sang I am a child of God with him and helped Jenti cleaned the house. 

Back to the apartment, we had exchange review and finished the reports. Sister Wora Anu said she enjoyed her day because she was part of the planning, unity in teaching and was involved. She asked if she could speak to President and so I called President, and he asked us if we were okay.

Sister Paulo could not believe we had an accident because she said I'm a safe driver, even Sister Falani said that I was a patient and safe driver, but accidents happen. I learned my lesson to be extra careful. 

Aug 18, Thurs - We went back to the place of incident, took photos and printed them, then proceeded to our DLC at 11 am. After DLC, we did our weekly planning using a new planner for next week. We then visited Joshua at 5pm with Vivian, then to Bro. Brown for the correlation meeting, dinner and shared about trust in God. (We invited Karen and George but neither could make it.) We also visited Aniv & File, Sam & Nikki, shared about the Priesthood and watched Sanctify Yourselves video. They fed us BBQ chicken, second dinner, I was so full but they kept putting more on my plate saying I needed to gain more weight.

Aug 19, Fri - Tracting with Sister Paulo on a rainy day, saw this big ladybug.  

Two of our appointments were cancelled so we tracted Archie St. and Evadene St. with our umbrella, met two rude people and also found people who wanted us to come back after 7pm. We met with Zophrynia and taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ using the diagram, she had a headache but she stayed and listened. After a hard day's work, we rewarded ourselves with soft cones.

Then we went to the BBQ activity, the ward conference weekend. We called Jenti who wanted to come but needed a ride, so we asked Sis. Ana Samasepa who was also willing. The activity was fun.

Aug 20, Sat - We checked the ward list which listed three LDS and two formers on Hamish Drive so we knocked on doors 12-120 with our car parked in their garage. At house 120, Harley said, Hi Sisters, did Norman sent you? We replied No, then his partner said, maybe your mom, they did not believe that no one sent us. Harley was not active but his mom was; he gave us soda drinks, now we have a million soda in our cupboard. We continued to visit people in the ward list and formers. As we were about to leave, the car won't start and i suspected we needed to jump start. We asked one guy but said that he needed the jump-starter kit, asked the neighbors but they didn't have one. Then the visitor of the former that we just visited came and said that he had it. Good Samaritan.

Aug. 21, Sun - Philip came to church in his white shirt with Sister Akesa a step towards Philip's baptism.

We visited Arlene but she was very busy and could not sit down for a lesson so we offered a prayer. We then had dinner with the Tupou family, butter chicken and coco bread, realy good. We shared with them Will of God and Continue in Patience mormon messages. We then went home and planned for the transfer. 

Pretty big transfer!

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