Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Week 3

Footscray: Jan 25-31, 2016

I got a car!  But as you see, it wouldn’t get us around, so we continued street contacting and met interesting people at Footscray stations. Well, they say this area is either footscary or footscrazy.

We had been preparing individuals and families for baptism. The Hanley family committed to be baptized this coming Sunday, Feb 7. The 3 kids, Alex -12, Ethan -10, Joel -8, were always excited to see us. I thought at first that these kids would be bored or something but they were fun and have a lot of questions,. Great kids! We encouraged them to invite their friends to their baptism. Their mom, Kylie, is a member while their dad, Rob, is not yet a member and said he doesn't want to be baptized because he doesn't want to give up smoking and drinking but he wants to be sealed with his family.. ^_^..

Another investigator, Stephen, looks forward to be baptized on Feb. 13. He quit smoking last year (after 52 years) and stopped drinking coffee for a week now.  Interesting because 2 weeks ago, we encouraged him to stop drinking coffee and he replied that was impossible. Three days after we had that conversation, he told us that one morning as he was about to make coffee, something held him back to open the coffee lid, and so he had not drunk coffee since then.

Remember Janna? Or Gianna. We met her 2 weeks ago but only got to visit her back this week because of tight schedules.  She said that she was expecting us 2 weeks ago and we felt guilty. She shared her experiences about her dad 33 years ago who was not interested in any religion until the Mormon elders came. She has been living alone with her dog Bella. She said that she always has faith in Christ. Yes, she does have great faith and she’s great! She agreed to be baptized on Feb. 20 and we look forward to help her prepare. In church, she requested for Priesthood blessing of comfort. After the blessing, she asked Brother Foster (the one who gave the blessing) how did he knew about her daughter and their relationship. It was a cool experience because no one else knew about it except us, the sister missionaries. It’s amazing how the Spirit works and that Priesthood blessings really do come from God.

A few aussie slangs - Mate, Arvo, Oggin, Sheila, Nikminit..and lots of tropical fruits here!

With the Richmond sisters from Jake Manggakahia's ward

Sis. Albania's bday, Jan 24th, at De Los Santos home

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