Monday, 8 February 2016

Week 2

Footscray: Jan 18-25, 2016

The weather was weird. I was getting better in knowing the streets, buses and the area although, we still need to improve on using our time wisely especially in catching trains and buses. We also met a lot of interesting people. Last week, while waiting for the bus, one woman told us that saving the planet is a better mission than what we are doing. She said that God can take care of Himself. We tried to explain that if people know about God and that He created all things, then people would take good care of the planet (Doctrine & Covenants 104:15-17). It was pretty interesting meeting her. 

Every time we asked previously-assigned missionaries about this area, they would always say ’you have the best area’ with a grin, sooo very challenging eh? Mostly, Vietnamese live here. Leaders gave us advices like ‘don't get stabbed’ and ‘don’t stay in train stations after 8:30 p.m.’

It was our second Sunday at Footscray Ward yesterday and I think I was doing better in remembering and knowing the members than last Sunday. We already had dinner invites for the whole week and I may have to postpone my diet plans. 

I learned that the gospel is really there for us to have a peace that no one else can have because of the knowledge that the gospel brings.  There is so much to learn from the scriptures that affect every aspect of our lives. I love the peace I get from this work. I am so excited to teach and open my mouth to everyone, ALWAYS. 

We had a worldwide missionary devotional on Saturday that was very inspiring and motivated us to teach people, talk to EVERYONE, not be afraid to share the gospel because EVERYONE deserves the chance to hear it, and we never know who is ready.

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