Saturday, 20 August 2016

Week 30

Tarneit and Werribee: Aug 1-7, 2016

Conference, training, teaching, exchange, driving..another busy week. My 8th month in the mission field begins!

Aug 1, Monday - We went for a haircut today to that salon which Nan recommended. I had my hair shortened by 2 inches only and still layered. I shared a bit about missionary work with the Filipina hairdresser. Afterwards, we picked up the Tasmania Sisters and ate dinner in a Taiwanese place. It was raining so hard. 

When we got to the Mission Home, President and Sister Vidmar were so bright and cheery in the "celestial home." President Vidmar showed us the quilts that Sister Vidmar made. She did them by hand and they were so beautiful. We then gathered around the fireplace (6 of us) talking about their Tasmania experience. President also shared that there would be a big mid-transfer next week - 24 leaving and 26 coming, 4 Sisters each. President also said that we could have anything we wanted to eat and didn't bother to ask..mmm..hehe..We had ice cream, after which, we read books in one of the rooms.  I am really grateful that we got here safe.  The rain was so heavy, big raindrops that we ran 50 on a 100 kmh road.  There is really power in prayer, just like in Lehi's dream in 1Ne 8:8-9.  Nephi traveled in darkness for many hours and the moment he prayed, he began to see.

            Photo: in the Mission Home

Aug 2, Tuesday - We ran to the Temple and back for our morning exercise.  Then we ate avocados and cereals for breakfast. 

Today was Elder Babneau's birthday. 

During MLC, we discussed about Doctrine and Covenants 121. We shared about how we can be choose to be CHOSEN D&C 121:34 by focusing on D&C 121:42 by kindness and pure knowledge. We started our morning by showing kindness to ourselves and companion. CHOSEN= Charity, Humility, Obedience, Service, Exhort, Nature.
We counseled as well on 10 or 'most violated' White Handbook Rules and no need for more rules than these. We were also given 15 minutes more email time to update referrals online and to email President. The departing missionaries bore their testimonies. Sisters Lee and Chen, Elder Ferris, Fioui, Whiting, Rands and Steele.

With Sister Tupou (STL Eastside)

With city STLs, Sister Chen and Sister Lee.  Sister Chen would leave for home next week. For Sister Lee, this was her last transfer and leave for home on Aug 22.  I would miss them all.

Aug 3, Wednesday - Emergency exchange with Footscray sisters. I worked with Sister Santos and did a lesson with Stephen and Uncle Bob about Lehi's dream with emphasis on prayer, study and church.

After lunch, we went to visit Barry with his wife (non-LDS) and son; we shared Helaman 5:12. Barry had a concern (he said that he might have lost his faith), unfortunately, they needed to go so our meeting was about 15 minutes only. (They told us that their daughter lives nearby as well)  Then we went to Muhammad's place for our appointment, but he was not home so we left a note. Next was Patrick, a referral, he said he was not interested but accepted the pamphlet on Restoration. Then, next was Yvonne. Her friend, Monica, joined and listened well to the lesson about Restoration. Yvonne shared that she enjoyed the roadshow; Monica had been visited but would not commit.

Reunion and dinner with Delos Santos Family

Aug. 4, Thursday - Zone conference.  

Elder Steele photobombing..haha.. Sister Wora Anu, Sister King, Sister Vidmar, Sister Paulo and Me

          President Vidmar joined us.

Feast.. I need more food?

Elder Ferris and Pres. Vidmar handstand challenge. President Vidmar won!

After to improve my drawing skills.

Found this in our house..weird, where did it come from? Got rid of it, we vacuumed it!

Teaching file - Teabag trick

Aug 6, Saturday - With Arwin

Aug 7, Sunday - After church, we had dinner with Sister Nisi.  She shared spiritual experiences and funny stories when her husband was on his mission in Tacloban.  Then we visited the Kuri family and shared with them 2Ne 2:27, the Plan of Salvation and about our choices on earth. 

Then we went to Donna Vai and we're glad the family was around.  Lehi (10), Malu (11) and Richard (21) joined the lesson.  We shared the Restoration lesson using the cups. Donna told us again that the message we shared was just what she needed. Lehi got a new keyboard so we asked if we could sing a song to them.  I played the keyboard and Sister Paulo sang "Teach Me to Walk in the Light".

Then we picked up the Griffith Sisters from the train station.


Young taro leaves baked in coconut cream and corned beef

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