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Week 28

Tarneit and Werribee: July 18-24, 2016

Lots of visits and teachings this week; Arwin desired to be baptized on Aug 20th while George on Sept 3; Potential families - Ciseau and Tutupou. A baptismal program in Melton 2nd for Niko and Theresa, a great moment with Spirit so strong..

July 18, Monday - Family home evening with the Jenti family.  Noah is trying my shoes on.

July 19, Tuesday - My companion, Sister Paulo, was enjoying the yellow flowers.  She loved yellow; I loved green!
We had an awesome District Meeting; the Tongan Elders came and Sister Paulo trained about the role of the Holy Ghost. Then we went home and had lunch; went to Karen's home but she wasn't there; tracted Paulo St. and met Elita, Filipino and SDA, who told us to study Rev. 13 and that we could come back if we talk about the Bible; went to Kuri's home but Rose said that family is sleeping; and, visited someone in Isabella Way but he said 'no' at the moment.

We also visited Judy, Rachel and Lloyd.  Judy was quiet while Rachel and Lloyd shared lessons.  Then we went to David family and met this young boy who was good in talking to us; then to Chris Evans who said he was not interested and wondered why missionaries kept coming back.  When we went back to the car, we discovered that our phone was missing.  So we went back to Evans and David and found the phone in David's place. We then drove to Craigieburn for our exchanges to pick up the Sisters.

On our way to visit one referral, we saw a hare.

July 20, Wed - We visited Jean and she was so happy to see us, especially Sister Baiamere, who is from Vanuato; had many questions including why bad things happen to little kids and didn't believe in God; gave us lemons and hugged us.  We also visited Rishma and shared a quick message about authority and baptism 'coz she was cooking; wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ prophecies in the BOM and we invited her to watch the Restoration DVD.  We then tracted Johnson Avenue, met Omar who was visiting from Minnesota who said he met missionaries in Minnesota.  He was Muslim but accepted the Restoration pamphlet, said he would read it on the plane, and we said a prayer before we parted ways. Then we drove back to the house, got the Sister Baiamore's stuff and took her back to her area.  A bit stressing with the traffic 'coz we had an appointment with the Ciseau family at 5:30.

On our way to the Ciseau's place, we saw the big red moon which was so pretty. The Ciseau family had 3 boys and we shared Repentance using the pen and lighter and asked for their commitment for family prayer which they accepted.  We then drove to Aniva, File, Sam and Nikki.and shared with them 2Nephi 31 and discussed about baptism and enduring to the end. We're excited about them and would meet them twice a week. Another family tonight, the Tutupou family, and it was already 8:40 p.m. It was so nice to see them all in front of us and we shared the Plan of Salvation. Sis. Akesa seemed emotional; we invited Bro. Philip for baptism but he said that he wanted to learn more, then Sis. Akesa opened up their concern and Bro. Philip was happy 'coz then they would talk about it. Before we left, the family knelt down together and we said a closing prayer. It was already 10 pm so we called the ZLs that we're late in going home.

July 21, Thurs - We visited Karen today but she said that she was busy cleaning the house so she rescheduled our meeting for tomorrow, but later today, she  rescheduled to Monday.  We also tried to visit Mayron but she was not home and the card from the last time we knocked was still on the door. We talked to the neighbor who was cleaning the car and her name was Emma.  Emma had a young boy and she said that she attended church in St. Albans. 

We also went to find Ali's place whom we met during tracting; knocked on 9 Ebony Way, wrong door, knocked on next door but no one answered, knocked on next door, a Somalian kid opened it, and finally was able to speak to Ali's wife but did not accept a copy of the BOM. Then we knocked on Naomi's door on 13 Ebony Way; her dad opened with a straight face, not interested so we asked him 'why not.' We shared more about Restoration and he accepted L1 pamphlet and a copy of BOM. Then he said that we could meet him again on Saturday. Miracle!

We drove to a former investigator named Chante, then from the parking lot, we mistakenly walked towards a different direction. After we realized that, we walked back and met a mom with her daughter, Isabella, said she's tired from the office but told us that she lived in 38 in front of the park, then we parted ways.  Chante was not home so we drove to a referral, Joyce, but was also not home. We then visited Joshua and shared 2Ne 32:3, and we met his son, Albert.  He served us dessert and grape juice. He said he used to be a minister (associate pastor) and that he cast out demons out of possessed bodies. It was already 6:15 when we left.

Our next appointment was with Bro. Brown at 6 pm but we got there at 6:30.  George was already there and we shared with him the Restoration using the cups after dinner. He had pretty good understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ so we invited him for baptism and he said yes to Sept 3. We helped him download the Gospel Library App and had a correlation meeting with Bro. Brown.  On our way home, we stopped by Fuatimau's place but no one answered and we went on and filled some gas. 

July 22, Friday - We vacuumed the chapel and arranged the hymnbooks, to which I felt I did not do well. In the DLC, Elder Sellers had chicken pox so we talked to him over the phone. Sister Nisi invited us for lunch at the Werribee Shopping Center.  It was difficult to find parking space but luckily, we found one. We ordered Asian food and learned more about Sis. Nisi. She had desire to serve a mission but she chose to say 'Yes' to the Temple. We shared with her Moroni 7 about Charity.

We drove to Ahmo but no one's home, then we knocked next door, thinking it was Efren's place (the Filipino we tracted last time), but an Indian lady opened the door instead.  We tried the next door, now I'm not sure of Efren's address.  We knocked next doors until Berni opened and she said she remembered me. I remembered her as well, half Filipino; though not interested, we shared more and she agreed to meet us again. She was hesitant because she grew up Catholic but she accepted Plan of Salvation pamphlet and would meet her again next week. Then drove to referral Jama family but not home; went to another old referral Steve Siania, had a van parked in front of the house, looked Samoan but not interested. Then we drove to Sis. Ong, European who married Malaysian, and lived in retirement home.  She was referred by a friend and was baptized 2 years ago.

We drove to Judy's place; Judy was sleeping but Rachel and Lloyd shared the lessons on Sabbath Day and prayer. We shared about the Ten Commandments. We then tried to visit the Phillips but not home; then to Arwin, listened to our message about the Restoration though she was sick, also met her daughter Apanda, 12.  Arwin wanted to be baptized on Aug 20. Today was awesome and I felt the Spirit.
Photo 1:Their husky dog, Shadow; Photo 2: Philius, sister of Zophrynia

Then we visited Zophrynia and Philius and met their mom for the first time. Philius desired to come back to church and Zophrynia wanted to prepare for the Temple. Next stop was Lucky but he said he had to pick up his wife. It's okay because he was willing to meet us again next week. Going back to the car, we realized that the branch which I ran over at Zophrynia's house was still under the car, so Sister Paulo took it out. 

Then we visited the Miava family and met Leni, the father. He was going to work and asked for our number to call us. We also stopped by the Kuri family and met Carlos and Rose. They were nice but couldn't invite us in because some family members did not want missionaries in. We set appointment with them on Sunday afternoon.  We also visited the Soto family. She was a bit surprised to see us.  She lived with her parents, all LDS, but had not been to church for ages.

We tracted on this street, same name as my companion.

July 23, Sat - Today had the craziest weather; it was raining so we exercised inside. After our studies, we visited Jessie, the Filipino we met in the Aldi Store last Monday. He invited us in his place and apologized that it was messy.  We met his 15-year old son and 14-year old daughter. Jessie said he was busy and going to a wedding while his wife was very tired and sleeping and told us to come back another time. We also visited a few formers who lived in Nighthawk St. and met two people who follow Sikh. Jaswan shared about his religion while we also shared the Plan of Salvation to him. He was firm in his beliefs but very nice though.

We drove to Trenton, father of Naomi, hoping to have a lesson with him.  When he opened the door, he gave us back the BOM and Lesson 1 pamphlet. He said that he prayed and it's not for him. I knew that someday, his heart will be softened. On our way to Jama's place, we dropped by the Tarneit Medical Centre to use their washroom, which I think the receptionist kind of noticed..haha..We knocked at Jama Family, 42 Spring Leaf Rd. The owner of the house, Kiwi Mika, said that he built the house and lived there for 6 years. The family go to Uniting Church and said that we can come back next week Friday lunch.

We shared 3Ne 18:18-21 with the Atogere family and they committed to having family prayer and family home evening. They prepared lunch for us, quite a feast with all kinds of food. They shared some of their stories and philosophies in life, their emphasis on service and charity. The sons walked us back to the car bringing our take-away. 

We drove to another formers, Ding and Yah, on 11 Mist Way but the husband closed the door on us. So we tracted Mist Way and met a few Indians, Marcy accepted the BOM and told us that missionaries visited her before.  The Seali family was not home; we knocked on Keith's door and his wife, Tony, opened the door and told us to get out of the rain. We drove back home to wait for drop-off dinner. Lots of food. Sister Harns dropped the chicken roast, bread and salad. She was so nice, had seen her in church and don't know her name; now, I would not forget her.

We attended baptism in Melton 2nd for Niko and Theresa.  That was the first time I had seen so many people during baptism. The Spirit was so strong and hard to hold back tears. The program was in Samoan and with musical numbers. Great moment, the more I desire to witness baptisms.  My companion and I were discussing about the authority to baptize from the BOM and where Alma got his authority.

Tonight was just so cold. We tried to visit Kelela, her daughter opened the door but said that her mom was not home. Back in the car, we were browsing for formers when we heard a knock on our car, someone wanted us out of their driveway..haha..We found a family but Phoebe, daughter, said parents not home and she accepted a pass-along card to give to her mom. Later, we found out that her dad was home watching TV. then we also visited Chante but not home. We did some drive by to invite people to church. bishop said to visit Donna Whittaker but none answered; also left a note on Lana's door. Today, it was raining on and off.

July 24, Sunday - We drove by Jenti's house, found Daniel who was happy as the family was preparing for church.. Also in photo is Masi, Aniva's 6-month old son...soo cute

Today at church, the bishopric invited one of us to conduct the music and I did (since my comp did it last Sunday.)  My comp and I also gave a musical number (Teach Me to Walk in the Light), a step towards gaining the members' trust, after the passing of the sacrament. After the meeting, the members approached us and complimented our singing.  I think only my comp has a gifted voice..haha..

We also visited the Kuri family where my comp shared a scripture about accountability, repentance and baptism.  Rani, the 11-year old son wasn't baptized yet so we invited him to pray and think about getting baptized.  It was a miracle to catch the family today and that we sat down with them and shared the restoration.  Their dad, Carlos, had family goals and we were excited to help him bring his family to the temple.

We also had dinner with the Van den Hoogens.  Sister Helen cooked a delicious meal and shared her spiritual experiences, also how her husband was converted into the church.  She referred her Filipino neighbor to us.

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