Saturday, 23 April 2016

Week 12

Footscray: March 28 - April 3, 2016

The Savior provides His gospel as a Light to guide those who choose to believe and follow Him.

This week's preparation day, Sister Santos and I had the company of the Latrobe Sisters, Sister Wora Anu and Sister Tuhod, and we refreshed ourselves with nature at the Botanical Garden and the Pier. This P-Day happened to be Easter Monday holiday in Australia.

In this pier, there are seaplane exhibitions and ferry tours.

March 29: Met with Tisna whom we found last Sunday while tracting.  She opened the door and let us in immediately, quite surprising. 

She said she had been investigating a few churches but has not really found what she was looking for.  She accepted our invitation to come to church.  She has 2 kids, Ariel (17) and Miriam (11) but were not home when we came.  Across Tisna's house is Debbie's house but she's not home.

We also visited Wilma to follow-up on her preparations for baptism.  She said she is happy and excited but she didn't have her husband's consent.  Her husband allowed her to continue to come to church but without the kids. Nyageith was sad because she loved to come to church.  We invited her to fast and pray about her baptism and to soften her husband's heart.  

March 30-31: We met Adam and shared about Keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  He said he enjoyed church, agreed with the teachings but bothered that he still lacked belief in God. We shared some scripture and bore our testimony. We reset his baptism to April 16.

April 1-2: We visited Wilma but she still doesn't have her husband's consent.  She said she fasted and prayed and that amazed me. We reset her baptism to April 16.  Nyageith, even though she's still 6, always brought along her Book of Mormon even if she can't read yet. We read with her and she always prayed before the lesson with our help.  

The Delos Santos family treated us with Sister Nessa's shrimp recipe - shrimp boiled in Sprite, sauteed in butter and garlic, then simmered in tomato paste. Really good.

April 3: Adam came to church today.  Bro. Ammon Wilkes taught Atonement in Gospel Principles class. Later, Sister Rawenata, YW President, gave us a ride to Heidelberg Chapel to watch the General Women's Broadcast. (Sister Rawenata loved to snowboard and had been to Vancouver, Japan, etc. to snowboard.)

General Women's Broadcast: I like how the speakers focused on Service.  I also liked the quote by Sister Neill Marriott, "Love is making space in your life for someone else."


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