Friday, 1 April 2016

Week 11

Footscray: March 21-27, 2016

Our daily Quote:  No missionary effort is wasted.

March 21: P-day, saying hello to our families and friends through a one-hour computer use at the Footscray Library.  Thank you for all the inspiring emails and messages. (

March 22: Our District Meeting where we shared experiences and scriptures to edify one another, and evaluated where we are in our goals. 

Then we visited Martha and the Fitton's.   We had been to the Fitton's three times where either no one was home or we were told to come back another time. Finally, we met Lina and her daughter, Crystal, who were LDS but had not been in church for more than 15 years.  Crystal was very active in YW and still remembered the primary song "I am a Child of God."  Lina went back to Catholic Church but wanted us to invite and encourage Crystal to come to Church because she remembered how her daughter loved the Church before.

We also tried to visit a referral from church - George Ellis.  Before, we got lost riding the tram; now we have the car and GPS but we can't find a parking spot.  We'll try again next time.

March 23: An exciting day!   With my temple clothing with me, we left our place at about 9am, drove for about hour, and attended the 11am session.  The temple session was so great and we wanted to stay longer but we needed to go back to our area immediately according to our DLs.

Mission office across the Temple

March 24: Visited Bro. Leatitagaloa, ward mission leader, and Adam, an investigator. Remember Adam who wanted to have a personal relationship with Heavenly Father?  Bro L and wife, Leanne, were a great help with the lessons with Adam.  Adam made much progress and preparing for baptism on April 2nd.  Great news!!!

Then we drove to car service center for full service per office instruction.  We went to the home of Tumai family but only the daughter was home; since we couldn't come into the house if the parents are not home, we proceeded to the chapel and joined the Relief Society's Sister Swap Shop.  Sisters brought something they don't need for other sisters to have. They also brought candy bars for a game. Each sister picked a number to determine the sequence of introducing oneself, after saying something, would get or steal someone else's candy bar. I got #18 while my companion got #11. She tried to snatch my number and when Sister Rasmussen (RS president) saw her, she gave her a nickname - Sister Feisty. Fun afternoon!

Sister Rasmussen trying to steal a candy bar..

March 25: Visited Wilma who was preparing African bread for some visitors. Looks like lumpia wrapper. We tried to help but I think we messed her up...haha..She took a video of us. Wilma was scheduled to be baptized the next day but since we had not met her last week, we moved her baptism to April 2, same as Adam's.

We also visited the Batshon family - mom is the only LDS with 11 kids.  We were tracting in the area and when our appointments were cancelled, we dropped by the Batshon.  This time, Colette, 19 years old, opened the door.  She didn't live in this place anymore and was only visiting. Colette met missionaries when she was 9 but was not interested.  Colette said she wanted to be baptized but going to Thailand and wasn't sure when she's coming back yet.   On our way home from the Batshon, we met Debbie on the street.  She said she was LDS (but not on our members list) and she agreed for a visit tomorrow. 

March 26: Mario called us if we can visit him and bring along some Easter pass along cards. Mario was a new convert and very active with missionary work.  It was raining when we drove home around 8 pm.  I didn't really like driving in the rain especially at night, grateful we arrived home safe.

March 27, Easter Sunday: Sacrament meeting talks were inspiring, as always.  Marcus, the YM president, and wife, Melanie (non-LDS), and Matthew (Melanie's brother, non-LDS) came to Sacrament Meeting - a surprise!  Matthew was on vacation from Toronto; both Melanie and Matthew were not yet open to the gospel, would read the BOM but not pray about it; said they enjoyed the talks and music but left after Sacrament Meeting.  At least, they came!  We are happy to have them!

With the De Los Santos family, the ZLs, and our Easter eggs..

In the evening, the Easter Musical Missionary Devotional at Heidelberg Chapel highlighted the ministry and life of the Saviour and his resurrection. Adam, Bob and Stephen came. Adam got the chance to talk to President Maxwell who explained to him well the importance of the gospel. 

I met Jake who said he would be going to Sydney and be back in June, Filipino missionaries, and missionaries (same intake) - Manosig, Caguimbal, Lamni, and Tripee (waiting for her visa to SLC Temple Square Mission).  The Latrobe Sisters (Sister Tuhod and Sister Wora Anu) attended the Devotional but they couldn't make it back home so they would spend the night in our flat, according to the STLs and ZLs. We left the chapel at 9pm and glad it was a smooth drive back home. ^_^  Its really important to clean the flat always, not because of surprise visitors but because the Spirit will strive in clean places..haha..

A Tongan family bought us a-$100 worth of Filipino groceries.  This family had a daughter serving in Sydney Mission for the moment.  Thank you very much!

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