Saturday, 16 July 2016

Week 24

Tarneit and Werribee: June 20-26, 2016

Many individuals and families taught and visited..and the "great and dreadful day" for my wisdom tooth!

June 20, Monday - We went to the home of Julie (whom Sister Cruz and I met on our last exchange) around lunchtime.  Her son, Anthony, opened the door and told us that his mom was not home. We would try again next time. We also visited Rishna and Rupesh, investigators, recently accepted Christianity after being Hindu. They were attending another Christian church and studying a book about baptism (good book but doesn't say anything about authority to baptize.) They loved to have us over because they wanted to learn more about Christ, the priesthood and why the need the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible. We would meet them again next Monday to share more about the priesthood, and the power and authority to baptize. For dinner, we went to the Tupou's home; Sister Tupou was the Relief Society president.

June 21, Tuesday - An achievement! We ran 4 laps today in the park. Next week's goal is 5 laps and so on. We then drove to our dental appointment, then back to Werribee for our district meeting. We learned more about how to study effectively, ask inspired questions, and use the Book of Mormon to answer questions of investigators.  
                Wyndham Zone

Today, we also visited a former investigator named Celia whom my companion (Sister Wairepo) met last year when she served in Werribee.  The record was marked 'not interested', but she welcomed us and still remembered my companion.  We talked to her and she wanted to meet us again and commit to baptism if she finds the answers to her questions.  We planned to meet her again next Tuesday.  Miracle, it is important to be persistent and not give up.

We also had dinner with the Ciseau Family.  They moved from Brisbane 3 months ago.  My comp told Sister Ciseau that I would have my wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow and she assured me that it would be fine, that if we needed soft foods or medicine, just ring her.  The family was great.  They served us pumpkin soup, yummy on a cold night.  We shared with them about how the Spirit works and about a game called Black Magic. 

We then drove to the Phillips but the mom was not home.  While we were knocking on the door, we saw a man walking.  We greeted him and he greeted back.  When we were about to drive to visit Rey, my comp turned back and we talked to that man.  The man said that we should not talk to people just like that, especially ladies like us, because we never know that we might be in danger.  His name was Darren, been through a lot but still had a smile on his face.  He invited us over to his parents' house where he was staying at the moment.  We said we would come back this weekend.  We proceeded to Rey's place and met his friend Mark.  We shared about making the right choices.  Rey invited Mark to church this Sunday and Mark said yes.

During our planning tonight,  my comp gave me a heart sticker saying #painistemporary in preparation for my wisdom tooth surgery tomorrow.  She's funny.  The ZLs also knew about it and they texted us #miseryisoptional.  They were funny, too.  Sister Maxwell texted if we had yogurt and soup and would be praying for me..hehe.. Apparently, if you get your wisdom tooth extracted, everyone would know about it..haha..

June 22, Wednesday - the great and dreadful day for my wisdom tooth!  We also met the Footscray Sisters on our way to the dentist.  Sister Santos handed me some letters.  We then drove them back to their flat.  They just finished a lesson with Stephen.

The dentist prescribed me codein and ibuprofen for the pain.  My comp made me mashed bananas and mashed potatoes.  I slept for 2 hours in the couch; we stayed home today.  I updated my journal as well while watching some Mormon messages.

June 23, Thursday - I craved for Filipino foods so we went out and bought some.  Even though I can only eat soft foods, I went for rice and 'sisig'.  We then visited Zafrinia around 4pm; met her, her sister and their new husky dog.  We role played missionary discussions with them.  We also met Bro. Brown, the ward mission leader.  He served us corned beef and potatoes.  We then had correlation meeting with him.  The family would be away for the holidays (to Sydney) so that we could not meet with him next week.

June 24, Friday - Today, we vacuumed the chapel and had our DLC.  The ZLs were joking about my wisdom tooth and were surprised that I could talk.  Then we visited Selena and her son, Caleb, (baptism schedule on July 9) and played PLATES with them.  Though they go to Tongan ward, we taught her because she lived just across a recent convert, Monica.  Then we went to see Joshua and shared with him the talk "Choices" of President Monson  from last conference.  We also invited him to read another talk from President Monson "A sacred Trust" and he said yes.

June 25, Saturday - My comp ran around the park 5 laps.  She exceeded our goal while I just walked 2 laps.  My face felt sore but apart from that, everything was fine. We met Rey today, also Judy.  We shared the Restoration with her, invited her to be baptized and she accepted July 30th.  We then walked to Yvonne and Jean.  While walking to Jean, we met this man and talked to him a bit.  He said we look familiar and accepted the pass-along card that we gave him.  When he asked about the church and we said 'Mormons', he returned the card, said he didn't want to do anything with us and walked away..that was interesting.  We then had dinner with the Taula family.  They're from New Zealand and served us NZ chop suey, chicken and cup cakes.  Remember Mandy Fuatimau who made cakes and desserts? She brought the cupcakes.

June 26, Sunday - Today, we attended Tarneit ward only.  By the way, the ZLs were assigned to Werribee, but since we covered only female investigators and there won't be sisters in Werribee for a while, then we could focus in Tarneit now.  We taught Primary (CTR 5 and 6) today and for the next 3 weeks.  

Sister call conference - we called the Sisters we covered and prayed with them


On our way to the Dentist:

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